Who Is Marilyn Mosby? 10 Facts About the Woman Who’s Bringing Justice to Freddie Gray’s Case

Everything you need to know about Baltimore City State's Attorney

Image: Baltimore City's State Attorney Marilyn Mosby (Twitter)

Following the aftermath of 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s death, protests and riots have taken place in Baltimore and across the nation in an effort to demand justice and answers for the police killing of another black life. On Friday, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that Gray’s death would be ruled a homicide and all six officers involved will face criminal charges.

Mosby, who just took over as chief prosecutor in January, may be an unfamiliar name to many but her résumé speaks volumes to her credentials. Check the facts below that prove Mosby was more than equipped to handle a major case, such as Gray’s, after just a few short months in office.

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1. At just 35-years-old, Mosby is the youngest top prosecutor of any major city in America.

2. She is a democrat who comes from a long line of police officers and has a history of being vocal about holding police officers accountable. A long-time friend and Baltimore-based attorney Richard Woods told NBC News, “She has a natural affinity for police officers and law enforcement types, and at the same time, she is aware of the incredible number of complaints against the Baltimore City police department.”

3. Mosby’s grandfather was one of the first African American police officers in Massachusetts.

4. Her passion to fight for justice stems from personal tragedies in her own life. When she was growing up in inner-city Boston, her 17-year-old cousin was mistaken for a drug dealer and killed outside her home by another 17-year-old.

5. At the age of six, Mosby was accepted in a school desegregation program in Massachusetts and later participated in a study of the civil rights movement. During her campaign, she said “After having that experience I knew I wanted to be an attorney.”

6. Mosby studied political science at Tuskegee University and was the first in her family to graduate college.

7. Her first stint in Baltimore City State’s Attorney came after she graduated from Boston College Law School. After working as assistant state’s attorney, Mosby then left to go work as a field counsel at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

8. In 2013 and 2014, she was named as one of Baltimore Sun’s 50 Women to Watch.

9. Since her first day of stepping into office, Mosby made it clear that her mission was to fix the justice system. “As a black woman who understands just how much the criminal justice system disproportionately affects communities of color, I will seek justice on your behalf,” she said when she was sworn into her position in January.

10. Mosby is the mother of two daughters and is married to Nick Mosby, a Baltimore city councilman who has been vocal about the riots following Gray’s death.

“This is bigger than Freddie Gray,” he said in an interview Monday night with Fox News. “This is about the socioeconomics of poor urban America.” He added, the rioters were exhibiting “decades-old anger and frustration for a system that’s failed them.”

[Below: Watch Mosby’s press conference where she rules Gray’s death a homicide and announces charges will be pressed against the officers involved]

23 Responses to Who Is Marilyn Mosby? 10 Facts About the Woman Who’s Bringing Justice to Freddie Gray’s Case

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  2. donwalk says:

    And the system that has failed them:
    1. Black Mayor.
    2. Black Chief of Police.
    3. Police Force is 55% Black.
    4. Every member of the City Council is Black.
    5. Democrats have had complete control of Baltimore since 1967.
    6. 4th highest tax rates for a city of its size in the United States.
    7. Over 25% of the city’s population lives below the Poverty Level.
    8. Households in Baltimore earn 56% of the State’s overall average.
    Time for a change an tie to place the blame where it belongs – after forty-five years.

  3. donwalk says:

    And failed them:
    According to the U.S. Department of Education, $17,329 is the total
    expenditure that the Baltimore City Public Schools made per student in the
    2010-2011 school year, the latest year for which the Department of Education
    has reported this data.
    In 2013, according to the Department of Education, only 16 percent of the
    eighth graders in the Baltimore City Public Schools scored at or above
    grade-level proficient in the NAEP reading test. That same year, only 13
    percent of the eighth graders in the Baltimore City Public Schools scored at or
    above grade-level proficient in math.
    According to the Department of Education, eighth graders in the Baltimore
    City Public Schools had average NAEP math and reading scores that were lower
    than the national public school averages, lower than the Maryland averages, and
    lower than the averages for the nation’s large cities.
    The Baltimore City Public Schools are not failing for lack of money or
    In the 2012-2013 school year, according to the Department of Education, the
    city’s schools enrolled 84,747 students. But they also employed approximately
    5,380 classroom teachers — meaning they had a student-to-teacher ratio of
    15.75 students per teacher.

    In addition to the 5,380 classroom teachers, the Baltimore City Public Schools
    also employed:
    1,690 instructional aides
    422 school administrators
    482 district administrators
    approximately 508 “school administrative support” personnel
    approximately 628 “student support services” personnel
    approximately 116 “guidance counselors
    approximately 86 “librarians” and “media specialists
    75 “instructional coordinators and supervisors
    approximately 1,150 workers providing “other support services.”

    In total, the Baltimore City Public Schools had about 10,165 teachers and
    other staff on the payroll in the 2012-2013 school year — or about 1 for every
    8.3 students enrolled in the schools.

    In the 2010-2011 school year, according to the Department of Education, the
    Baltimore City Public Schools had $1,441,019,000 in revenue — The schools
    turned around and spent a total of $1,452,189,000.
    Despite this, the kids in the Baltimore public schools got a bad deal. They
    deserve better.
    Give them a choice. Give every parent or guardian of every student eligible
    to attend the Baltimore City Public Schools a voucher worth the same amount
    those schools spend per student. Let them redeem it at any school anywhere,
    public, private or religious.

    • Chris Hanson says:

      problem is the city of Baltimore is run by a bunch of incompetent black corrupt politicians looking to keep the blacks enslaved and dependent on government, and then blame whitey for all the problems they have caused.

      • rsoski says:

        Key word….incompetent…. That is the entire story here. People who are impressed with their position and do nothing for the people. They sit around in an echo chamber of racial hatred and blame the world fopr their inability to manage anything. It is like having a community organizer as a president ….he knows nothing of what it takes to run anything. He jumps in his plane daily and goes out to his adoring leftist crowds and tells them he is not at fault…Repubs are. 6 years of being “focussed like a laser” on jobs…. HA… They just keep getting dumber and dumber…

    • Dutra says:

      I do not see a line item for ‘Security Services’.

    • Dutra says:

      I do not see a line item for ‘Security Services’.

  4. donwalk says:

    And failed them:
    Hopefully, this can be cleaned up and solved.

    Baltimore Is the Heroin Capital of the U.S.
    Dan Joseph
    The spotlight on the city of Baltimore this week has been on violent protesters clashing with police over the death of Freddie Gray. However, Baltimore already held
    another dubious distinction before its image was marred by angry mobs, looting
    stores and hurling rocks and bottles at police.

    Baltimore is the heroin capital of the United States.
    Government agencies have estimated that 1 in 10 of the city’s residents are addicted to the drug. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency that translates to 48,000 of
    Baltimore’s 645,000 citizens who are hooked on the substance. According to the National Survey of Drug Use, an average of only 2 out of 100 Americans use the drug.
    The city’s addiction to the drug is nothing new and high usage dates back to the 1950’s.
    “It’s an old Heroin town,” explained drug enforcement agent, Tom Carr, in a recent
    interview with ABC News.
    “There is an appetite for heroin in Baltimore … It’s accepted by all too many people
    down there as something that’s normal behavior.” It’s almost a rite of passage for some,” he added, saying that the addiction is often passed down from generation to generation.
    As the popularity of the drug has grown, the potency of the drugs being sold has increased, while high demand has made the price of getting high drop.
    While rural parts of the nation have had problems with methamphetamines and prescription drugs in recent years, the number of users have dropped. The number of heroin users has increased and Baltimore is ground zero for those who are addicted to the illicit and deadly narcotic. .

  5. Dutra says:

    She sure sounds more like a political activist and community organizer than like a prosecutor.

  6. Jing Yagunazie says:

    “This is about the socioeconomics of poor urban America.”“decades-old anger and frustration for a system that’s failed them.”It appear that marilyn mosby grew up in this environment. At just 35-years-old, Mosby is the youngest top prosecutor of any major city in America. So where the fuck is the problem. She is black, grew up poor. And succeeded in accomplishing more then others. So, where did the USA fail the rest??? The USA failed no one. The individuals failed themselves. And they choose to point the finger at someone else for their laziness. This is the same thing obama says. So, how did obama become president since the system failed him?????

  7. tedlv says:

    The problem black youths face is not what the government or the schools offer them, it’s peer pressure not to “act white”, meaning don’t make good grades, and not being an “unka tom” meaning don’t succeed in business. They encourage drug use and theft as their God given right, then object when the police get there. They are their own worst enemies in many other ways, also. I know several blacks that are smart, hard working, and successful. They, not the likes of Sharpton and the miscreants in the news, should be the role models.

  8. tedlv says:

    She wanted to “fix” the justice system like we “fixed” our kennel pup last month.

  9. Kenneth Masters says:

    Not one actual fact about her that means a thing. Women to watch, family history, youngest this, first that. Woopie do!

  10. Chris Hanson says:

    you forgot to mention she is also an incompetent political hack. I guess that would be number 11.

  11. rsoski says:

    That is one “angry” black woman!!!

  12. rsoski says:

    Pretty impressed with herself…..

  13. Roger Reid says:

    “Law enforcement disproportionately effects the black community” is 180 degrees off! At his point it is the black community that disproportionately effects law enforcement. And this at a time in the history of blacks in America when they have the least to complain about.

  14. johnanaguski says:

    So I guess if you are poor it is ok to riot and loot instead of working hard and getting out the poor syndrome.

  15. Hammy Hamtaro says:

    What do these facts have to do with anything? They are very superficial and in reality mean nothing.

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