Young Intellectual Phenom: Two-Year-Old Joins Mensa Ranks

Toddler can read Shakespeare and speak three languages

Adam Kirby, 2, is the youngest member of Mensa, with an IQ of 141. (Image: File)

Adam Kirby can do many things at the tender age of two that many of his peers —and even people older that he—have yet to master. From having the ability to read Shakespeare and understanding Japanese, Spanish and French to spelling 100 words and mastering times and periodic tables, this young man is well on his way to academic excellence and profound innovation.

The toddler with an IQ of 141 has recently become the youngest member of Mensa, the elite organization for intellectuals with high IQs.

According to reports, his parents, Dean and Kerry-Ann Kirby are both stunned and proud. “Adam’s abilities are outstanding, father Dean told Express UK. “While most children are just learning to stand up or crawl, Adam was reading books. His development was mind-blowingly quick.”

Mensa CEO John Stevenage said: “We look forward to Adam joining and expect him to have a very bright future.”

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