RN/CEO on Journey to Recruit 100,000 Future Nurses

She's using her decades' experience to mentor and recruit other nurses

Mona Clayton is the CEO of Nurses Rock 2 Pub, a company providing workshops and mentorship to nursing students. She’s also a woman on a mission to recruit 100,000 youth and future nurses from underserved communities around the world.

Mona Clayton


There are several reports that state nurses are understaffed, overworked, and underpaid, and that there’s a mindset shift that needs to occur across the country. “Nursing is a part of every culture. We are the backbone (the rock) of the medical profession, says Clayton. But sometimes nurses are thought of as mere bedpan handlers or someone that sits behind the counter, taking orders from doctors, and having romantic flings about the hospital. The truth is that nurses save lives. We catch medical orders [mistakes] from doctors that could be lethal. We are with patients most of the time and usually the first to notice emergency treatment needed for patients.”

Clayton, with a master’s degree in Nursing Education and 23 years of experience, also has plans to mentor others and share the 100 specialties available in nursing with nations around the world—from Africa, Asia, U.S., and the Philippines.

Tell us about the aha moment that inspired you to launch the Nurses Pub?

In 2008, while working for a major health organization, many of the receptionists, medical assistants, and even patients would ask me how did I “break” into the field of nursing. I was intrigued by their stories of feeling like math was too difficult or being a single parent was too time-consuming or being a minority growing up as a Hispanic or African American was a hindrance.

A friend suggested I write a book and tell my story. I started Nurses Roc 2 Publishing, now known as The Nurses Pub and published Surviving the Journey—As Painlessly as Possible.

What’s your plan for empowering 100,000 youth and future nurses from underserved communities?

  • Conduct global media outreach & speaking tour – Including media publications, talk shows, and schools such the Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls.
  • Start a fund for students interested in becoming nurses.
  • Provide workshops and seminars that include professional nurses who donate their time to panel discussions for future nurses. Our next seminar will be hosted in South Central Los Angeles.

(Video: YouTube/Nurse Mona)