Stop Shuckin’ and Jivin’: How Some of Us Are Letting Excuses Hinder Career Success

So the job market is tough. What are you going to do about it?

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I’ve always let the story and words of my Granny motivate me. She was born in the middle of the Great Depression and was so poor, she and her siblings couldn’t even afford penny candy. She not only went on to raise five kids and work decades in the retail industry (beginning her career during a very discriminatory time in the South), but was known as a woman who could make something out of nothing.

She would always tell me: You can’t sit and cry about your circumstances. You have to overcome them. There’s no excuse when you’re living and breathing and have a brain. Go out there and excel, despite it all. If there is even ONE PERSON out there doing it, I don’t want to hear any excuse from you.

I was once told by a friend that not everyone has a Granny to motivate them or to be an example. My response to that is: Neither did my Granny. It’s not like she had someone to tell her, “Do this this way… Do this that way,” or “I’ll hook you up.” A very proud woman, she was never a fan of hand-outs anyway, and to this day likes to do things on her own. (At 81, she still mows her own lawn and manages her own house though she has many family members and friends who would do it for her or pay someone else to).

I love helping anybody I can and providing opportunities for people, but let’s face it: I believe that one should keep it moving whether someone (government, friend, peer, teacher, supervisor, etc.) helps or not.

In today’s environment, one must go above and beyond to find the success they want to achieve. It’s sad when I see people who aren’t willing to do that, yet they still sit in the barbershop or beauty salon whining, with that entitlement attitude, like someone should just hand them an opportunity because of [insert challenge here].”

Though there are millions out of work, there are also those who decided to regroup, reinvent and rethink their strategy. There are those who said, “Hey, since you won’t open the door, I’ll go through the back door. If that’s locked, I’ll kick it in.” There are those who, though aware of the inequities in access to job resources, services, and information for minorities, will find and utilize those that are available to their benefit or create their own.

Please, move beyond what’s hindering you, and become motivated by the do-or-die mentality that says “I will triumph over this. My ancestors did and so can I.”

Enough with the excuses. They don’t and never will change reality.

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