Three Ways YOU Can Help Create Jobs

Don't get caught standing on the sidelines when it comes to job creation

(2) Groom yourself and/or your children to pursue a career path that is growing and well-paid: There are 3 million job openings in America right now as you read this and not enough people with the right skills to fill the jobs.  A McKinsey Global Institute research report that explores why we are stuck in a “jobless” recovery indicates that employers believe this problem of educational and skill-set mismatches will persist.

When it comes to passions and past-times you should develop and enjoy life balancing hobbies. But when it comes to work don’t settle for the lie that pursuing a passion is always best.  If you absolutely love your vocation but can’t find a job or are broke half the time then any emotional benefit that arises out of loving the work will dissipate quickly. Conversely, if you’re good at your job, find it relatively enjoyable, and make enough income to find fulfillment in hobbies outside of work it’s likely that you’ll be happier than a person who is caught in an indefinite cycle of struggling. Sectors projected to experience high growth during the next decade are: healthcare, business services, leisure and hospitality, construction, manufacturing and retail.  People who are qualified can get open jobs, earn and spend income, and in turn create the demand that makes it feasible for employers to hire even more.  Groom yourself to be one of these gainfully employed individuals.

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