Primetime Power Women: 4 Female Phenoms in the TV Business

These producers pave their own lane to get the coveted green light

Mona Scott-Young, producer of hit VH1 franchise, "Love and Hip Hop" (Image: File)

Mona Scott-Young: Sometimes criticized for her work in reality television, Scott-Young continues to prove why she will ignore the critics and let her stellar boss moves do all the talking. Known as the woman behind VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” series, whose latest season drew over 4.5 million viewers, Scott-Young, who is also the founder of Monami Productions, is proving that she has no desire of easing up in her career. Her next project is debuting her new reality show with Bravo called “Taking Atlanta,” that shines light on the movers and shakers of the thriving southern city.

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