Web Stars: 3 YouTube Personalities You Can’t Miss

These young Internet phenoms keep us coming back


NOVEL NICHE: Tara, also known as MissPTV90, compares her channel to a pot of gumbo. With her charismatic smile and bangs laid for the gods, it isn’t unusual for Tara to bust out in song or mimic a movie scene in the middle of a video. “While my niche is pop culture, one day I may do a haul, [and] some days I’m giving advice. It really depends on the day,” Tara says. “I love it because my viewers truly motivate me to continue doing videos and express my creativity.”

PRIME POSSIBILITIES: “The opportunities that have come from producing videos are amazing. I have the opportunity to be a part of Walter Lathem’s channel. [He’s] the originator of the ‘Kings of Comedy,’” Tara says. Her channel’s popularity is undeniable, with more than 15 million views since its start in October 2011. (One video alone had 400 comments.) “Having my own show over there is so exciting and so much has come from that as well,” she adds. “I want to be the voice for my generation, kind of like the Oprah of my generation.”

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