Web Stars: 3 YouTube Personalities You Can’t Miss

These young Internet phenoms keep us coming back


ENTERPRISING IDEA: As a true Lover4Fashion, 24-year-old Fash jumped on the YT scene when she saw a need that wasn’t being met. At the time, there weren’t many African American women focusing on beauty on the popular video-sharing Website. “I think this is what drew people to my channel. Viewers thought, ‘There’s another woman who looks like me who’s giving hair and makeup tips.’ That’s very inspirational to me.” Her fab insights on fashion styling, cosmetics artistry and affordable shopping have attracted more than 10 million views to her channel.

BOSS BRANDING: Whether she’s showing women of color how to rock a red lip or taking us along on a retail trip, the wardrobe and hairstylist is using YT to brand herself in the fashion industry. “I love what I do,” Fash says, laughing. “When people started wanting to book me for personal shopping and personal styling, I [said] OK, I can take this seriously. YouTube has given me the boost to follow my dreams.”

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