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Lottery Winner

$52 Million Lottery Winner’s Plans to Rebuild Historic Black Community

Lottery winner Miguel Pilgram is committed to reviving Sistrunk BLVD, a notorious corridor in downtown…

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Two Millennials Help Modernize a Historic Black-Owned Bank

Their startup bridges the generation gap between legacy companies and Millennials

Twenty-six is typically not the age when someone is appointed to a bank’s advisory board.…

By Samara Lynn

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Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments

45 Great Moments in Black Business – No. 29: Ariel Investments’ $16 Billion Milestone

The black-owned investment firm achieves a major milestone

Ariel Investments, No.1 on the BE ASSET MANAGERS LIST is the first black money manager…

By Jeffrey McKinney

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These 5 Passive Investments Earn You Money and Let You Keep Your Day Job

You need to know about passive and semi-absentee franchises

Passive business ownership (also known as absentee or semi-absentee) is a excellent option for the…

By Nancy E Williams

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Credit Score

The $2 Charge That Dropped My Credit Score 169 Points

This simple mistake comes with a hefty cost

So, my personal credit score dropped a whopping 169 points the other day. I’m almost…

By Selena Hill

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Spendwith (Image: C. Jibril Sulaiman II)

Spendwith Is Allowing You to Become An Investor

Title III, Regulation CF rules, allows a private company to raise money from anyone through equity crowdfunding

Not only is the company allowing its users to spend with culturally relevant companies, but…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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When a Relative Dies and You Can’t Afford the Funeral

The Money Coach tells you what to do if a relative passes away and the burial costs are out of your budget

Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox tells you what to do if a relative passes away and…

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

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Angel Rich, CEO of WealthyLife (Image: Samira Rashid)

WealthyLife CEO Angel Rich Teaches You Finance Through Gamification

Reducing global poverty and creating generational wealth through mobile app games

WealthyLife’s mission is to help reduce global poverty and create generational wealth through mobile app…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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45 Great Moments in Black Business – No. 32: Black-Owned Investment Bank Smashes Multibillion-Dollar Corporate Finance Barrier

Finance whiz demonstrate black firms can produce superior performance on Wall Street

John O. Utendahl, a 36-year-old Columbia University MBA and former bond trader for venerable financial…

By Derek T. Dingle

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African American Business Magnate Joins Senator on Mission to Maximize Our 401(k)s

Two African Americans leaders seek to bolster retirement saving options

About 14 million Americans on average change jobs each year, with about 40% them opting…

By Jeffrey McKinney

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5 Methods to Monetize Your Podcast

Podcasting is a multimillion-dollar industry. Here's how to get in on the action

Whether you have a well-produced podcast or are planning to launch one with the end…

By Selena Hill

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Four Ways to Build a Stronger, More Secure Financial Future

It's never too late to get financially fit

People with financial goals are four times more likely than those with no goals to…

By Jeffrey McKinney


Meet the Women Who Are Focused on Fixing Credit in the Black Community

The push for economic equality is real and continues on

Passionate, driven, determined, focused; these are just some of the words that describe The National…

By Ashley M Fox

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financial mistakes

3 Monumental Financial Mistakes People Make Before They Turn 50

The saying that youth is wasted on the young may be especially true when it comes to saving for retirement

“Too many people wait way too long to start thinking about how much they will…

By Selena Hill

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avoid debt

College Teaches Young Men a Trade—and Helps Them Avoid Debt

Williamson College of the Trades an attractive option for those who like to work with their hands

I recently learned about a school that I wish I’d known about years ago: Williamson…

By Robin White Goode

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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Side Hustle

Solid advice on mastering the side hustle

Although it ‘s probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your life,…

By Kandia Johnson

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Financial Writer and Expert Jennifer Streaks on Smart Money Moves

The acclaimed financial adviser on your best personal finance strategy

Financial writer and expert Jennifer Streaks lends her insight into the smartest personal finance moves…

By Samara Lynn

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How To Eliminate Expenses In Every Budget Category

Heres how to get your monthly expenses and budget under control

If you want to improve your personal finances, whether that means paying off your debts,…

By Selena Hill

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Everyone Has a Story, Here’s How to Monetize It

What are you waiting for?

(Image: iStock/monkeybusinessimages)
Authenticity is the new currency in business so if you’re looking to advance…

By Kandia Johnson

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Digital Gold: The ABCs of Bitcoin

Bitcoin expert Edwardo Jackson on how the digital currency can create black wealth

(Image: Wikimedia)
“People liken it to digital gold,” says Edwardo Jackson, an author, entrepreneur, and…

By Samara Lynn

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

Flash drives, thumb drives, USB sticks: whatever you want to call them, they’re more than…

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

“The secret society [of the voice-over business] is due in part because it’s a career…

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