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Developers and Startup Founders: There is Now a Coffee Wearable

Joule means no more coffee shop runs.

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Business Name

Need to Change Your Business Name? Here’s the Right Way to Do It

Considering changing your company's name? These insights can help you save both time and money

My entrepreneurial story should sound familiar to anyone who’s thought about launching their own business.…

By Black Enterprise

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Reverse Opt

How the Reverse Opt-In Can Help You Build Your Tribe Faster and Smarter

Here's how you can leverage reverse opt-in to optimize email campaigns

Have you ever looked at what everyone else in online business is doing and thought there must…

By Black Enterprise

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What Startups Can Learn About Marketing From the Food and Beverage Industry

Four tips from the food and beverage industry startups can use to launch a successful marketing campaign

Whether you’re trying to transform transportation in the tech industry or sling a new cocktail…

By Black Enterprise

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How Mental Health Affects Money Health

Study shows poor financial decisions are the result of mental strain

“It is an unprecedented insight, and the findings are stark. People with mental health problems…

By Stacey Tisdale

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Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a Baller’s Platform and Great for Entrepreneurs

Facebook is paying celebrities millions to create Facebook Live video. You too, can use this exciting, new platform to make your business thrive

“…you can still leverage the platform to make your business flourish”

By Samara Lynn

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gay black man

OP-ED: Living Authentically As A Gay Black Man

Your silence will not protect you. Here are three things you can do to live fearlessly.

Far too often black LGBTQ/ SGL youth are punished for being themselves. According to Youth…

By Jared Brown

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Are Your Friends Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Your friends will say they want to help out in some shape or form

Your friends will say they want to help out in some shape or form.

By Angie Morris

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Top Reasons to Practice Yoga with Brandon Copeland

Embracing yoga can help you get through the hard, tough, and challenging parts of life

(All Images: Huluku Photography)

“Building the physical muscle to get through the hard poses, the tough…

By Black Enterprise

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How the Self-Employed Can Stay Motivated and Productive

Here are some ways you can succeed in business with less stress and less struggle

Real productivity isn’t about being using the latest technology and a bunch of apps to…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Stacia Pierce

Life Coach Stacia Pierce Shares 3 Most Important Money Lessons Series: 3 Most Important Money Lessons

Sometimes it’s not always the work you want to do, but do what needs to…

By Stacey Tisdale

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ed leaders forum

This Kind of Mindsets Lead To Peak Performance in School

The New York Times Higher Ed Leaders Forum

Cuddy also spoke of how women “don’t feel as if they can take up space…

By Robin White Goode

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gun control

Gun Control Advocacy or Political Theatrics

Advancing the gun control debate or partisan political theater?

In the wake of the shooting rampage in Orlando, Florida, Democrats have sought to renew…

By John Burnett

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A Millennial’s Financial Guide to Saving for #BEGT

A lesson in giving up a little to gain a lot has created a budget for millennials who believe that they do not have finances…

By Safon Floyd

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#FridayReads: BE’s Summer Non-Fiction Picks

The places we'll go when we'd like to know more

Check out the non-fiction books that Black Enterprise editors are looking forward to diving into…

By Safon Floyd

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U.K. Leaves EU: What You Need to Know About Brexit

The U.K.'s decision has plunged the global economy into a tailspin, sending the pound plummeting while right-wing nationalists celebrate

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, with 52% voting Leave and…

By Hailey Wallace

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Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Upholds UT-Austin’s Admissions Policies

A victory for all Americans

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court in Fisher v. University of Texas is a huge…

By Robin White Goode

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Project Deadlines

How to Make Project Deadlines Less Daunting

Here's how to be proactive and productive while working towards impending deadlines

A goal without any kind of timeline can be endlessly postponed.
Sometimes circumstances, such as a…

By Black Enterprise

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Technology Team

4 Ways to Support Your Technology Team as You Scale

How to fulfill the needs of all members of your tech team

Offering choice is also great for your organization.

By Black Enterprise

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New Team

4 Things You Can’t Forget When Bringing on a New Team Member

How to effectively train and on-board new hires

When your company is growing like a weed, it’s difficult to think about anything besides…

By Black Enterprise

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How To

T-Shirt Business

How to Start a Profitable T-Shirt Business

T-shirts are contemporary wardrobe staples for men, women, and children today. Building an online T-shirt…

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(Image: Getty Images)

How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks

While some stocks in these sectors have been high fliers, even more have gone bust…

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