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Donald Sterling Agrees to Drop Lawsuit

Will Los Angeles Clippers’ Next TV Deal Add $200 Million in Sterling’s Pocket?

The next TV contract for the NBA team may be very lucrative for the current owner

This TV deal will potentially add $200 million more to the pockets of Donald Sterling

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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NAACP LA Chapter President Resigns Amid Donald Sterling Scandal

Organization faced scrutiny after plans to award Clippers owner

NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter faced scrutiny for plans to award Donald Sterling amidst racism scandal.…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Russel Wilson profile

NFL’s Top 50 Players For Licensed Products

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson beats Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning as best-selling NFL player

Top NFL players for licensed product sales topped $1 billion

By Carolyn M. Brown

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jameis winston in uniform

Heisman Winner Jameis Winston Accused of Shoplifting Crab Legs

Heisman Winner Jameis Winston accused of shoplifting

While he is not under arrest he has been ordered to serve at least 20…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Oprah Adds Name to Shortlist of Potential Clippers Investors

Will she become the next minority female sports owner?

Oprah, Music Mogul David Geffen and Oracle founder Larry Ellison will reportedly join together in…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Mayweather Interested In Buying the LA Clippers

The boxer wants to get "a group of billionaires" together to bid for the franchise

Will the Los Angeles Clippers end up with Floyd Mayweather as an owner?

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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The 25 Highest Paid NBA Players of All-Time

"While many of the all-time greats of the past 20 years are among the highest paid of all time, these years also led to some large contracts for some otherwise mediocre players."

I guess you never thought some of these players were on the list

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Los Angeles Clippers Lose Major Sponsors Due to Sterling Fallout

Sprint, Mercedes-Benz and Kia are among the many sponsors bowing out on the NBA team

Who is next?

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Pat Riley’s “Three-Peat” Payday if LeBron & Co. Win Again

Pat Riley and Partners own trademark to phrase "Three-Peat, 3-Peat"

Did you know?

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Magic Johnson to Buy Clippers Away From Donald Sterling?

The former NBA star has set his sights on purchasing the team from Donald Sterling

Johnson has been trying in earnest to become an owner of a NBA team and…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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LeBron James Signs With William Morris Endeavor

The NBA basketball player looks to enhance his entertainment portfolio

LeBron James is stepping up his entertainment game by signing with powerhouse, William Morris Endeavor.…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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World of Wade-Craft: How D-Wade Climbed China’s Great Wall

Wade's jaw-dropping crossover pays dividends in China

Two years ago Dwyane Wade abandoned ship from the Jordan/Nike Jumpman Brand

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Bernard Hopkins: Father Time’s Favorite Son?

As Bernard himself puts it, he's not out there fighting "cream puffs"

Hopkins began his professional boxing career in 1988

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Sports agent Bill Strickland (Image: Courtesy of Subject)

Urban Business Roundtable Spotlight On Sports Agent Bill Strickland

More on the entrepreneurs, business strategies and economic news featured on The Urban Business Roundtable

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable: Veteran Sports Agent Bill Strickland; learning to be…

By Pepper Miller

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miami heat

Most Expensive NBA Playoff Team Rosters

The NBA is lucrative as far as salaries

Here are the salaries of the 8 playoff teams

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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NCAA Alters Rule on Student Meals, Now Unlimited

NCAA President, Mark Emmert says, 'I don't know how to describe it but dumb, rules about food"

It looks like the NCAA is coming to its senses

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Floyd Mayweather

How Floyd Mayweather Jr., Became Boxing’s “Money King”

Boxing’s undisputed champ headlines our list of the most influential in sports

An empire built with a team of 11

By Alan Hughes

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Van Adams (Image: Adams)

Cool Jobs: Van Adams’ Mix of Sports, STEM and Business a Recipe for Success

Leader talks male-dominated industry and how to play to win

We have good news for you. You can have a cool career and make a…

By Mia N. Hall

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NFL Team Offers Fans $100,000 if You Guess Their Full Schedule

Are you feeling lucky?

$100,000 is yours if you can correctly guess the entire 2014-2015 St. Louis Rams NFL…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Major League Baseball's Wendy Lewis.

MLB Exec Wendy Lewis Talks Jackie Robinson Day, Supplier Diversity Summit

MLB's Supplier Diversity Summit this year coincides with Jackie Robinson Day

Wendy Lewis talks the business of baseball and diversity

By Darren Sands

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Cultural bias

Ask Sheree: When an Employee Suffers Cultural Bias

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