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College Aid 101

How to save the most money for college and still remain eligible for the best financial aid package

If your children are destined for college, one thing is certain: You can expect to…

By Donald Jay Korn

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Credit Where It’s Due

As large banks fall out of favor, more consumers are turning to credit unions. Here�s why.

When Jeremy Treadwell needed a car loan, the recent college graduate turned to the financial…

By Robin White Goode

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Talking Points: Poll Says Retire ‘Negro’

African Americans unemployed longer; minorities not encouraged to pursue STEM education

In a poll on whether the 2010 Census form should have used the word…

By Deborah Creighton Skinner

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The B.E. 100s: Bloodied, But Unbowed

A year ago, I told you that our most recent economic downturn, one of the…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.

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Building Strong Bonds

How Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. L.L.C. became Wall Street�s fastest-growing public finance firm

It’s a little after 7 a.m. on A mild April morning, and Suzanne Shank is…

By John Simons

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The Business of Green

Opportunities (still) exist. You just have to know where to look and how to seize them.

Jeffrey Taylor earns a living creating 2-D and 3-D animations to illustrate engineering processes and…

By Maya Payne Smart

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Fighting Diabetes One Cut at a Time

Dr. Bill Releford leads a barbershop-based effort to screen Black men for the potentially deadly disease

Subject: Dr. Bill RelefordDr. Bill Releford's community outreach is saving lives
Many black men will go…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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What Healthcare Reform Means for You

President Obama recently signed historic legislation to make healthcare available and affordable to millions of Americans. Here�s how the new law could affect you.

After more than a year of political wrangling, searing debate, and vitriolic protests, President…


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A new generation of black filmmakers has been fighting to get their movies to the big screen. Through innovation, guerilla marketing, and new technology, this group of directors that has raised the curtain in Tinseltown

As 41 million people tuned into the 82nd Academy Awards, a segment of viewers wondered…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Sizzling Returns

After a near-death experience and strategic transformation, Thompson Hospitality proves it�s cooking up the right recipe for diversification and growth

Thompson hospitality was in crisis mode. Founded a few months earlier in 1992 when CEO…

By Alan Hughes

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Escaping the Boomerang Life

If tough times have forced you to fly back to your parents' nest, take heart. B.W. shows you how you can fly back out�for good.

Tondalah Stroud never imagined that as a 37-year-old married mother she’d be sleeping in her…

By Aisha I. Jefferson

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Making Cultural Connections

With its bold strategic vision, GlobalHue produces a powerful and profitable campaigns for clients seeking to reach a multicultural world.

Donald A. Coleman isn’t concerned about his daughter taking over the reins of his business.…

By Sonia Alleyne

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Lessons From the Front Lines

B.E.100s CEOs deploy a new battle plan to combat an unforgiving business environment

Legendary Chinese military general Sun Tzu once said, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” …

By Alan Hughes

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Letting Go

Nobody wants to walk away from a dream, but sometimes you just might have to

Despite the mantras of “Never give up” and “Keep fighting” that many achievers subscribe to,…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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Steering Thru the Skid

Outworking the competition through determination and management prowess, Walter Douglas and his sons have positioned their dealership

Spring comes to the Detroit metropolitan area later than most parts of the country and…

By Alan Hughes

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Backtalk with Earvin “Magic” Johnson

The entrepreneur and NBA Hall of Famer talks about the mindset necessary to build real wealth

It’s been 14 years since Earvin “Magic” Johnson has donned his No. 32 purple and…

By LaToya M. Smith

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I Am Black Enterprise. Are You?

When's the last time you checked out Black Enterprise? You might be surprised at what you find.

Are you on the rise in your company? Have you started a successful one of…

By Black Enterprise

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Rewriting the Financial Playbook

Pro athlete turned corporate executive Malcolm Johnson is on his game in helping his family prosper

Malcolm Johnson has had a good handle on his money since retiring seven years ago…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Global Diversity Ranks Last

Report exposes the most essential requirements for leadership success. Guess what�s at the bottom of the list?

As we embark on a new decade, a number of factors have reshaped the business…

By Brittany Hutson

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Enter to Win $2,000

Every month, Black Enterprise selects individuals to showcase and pay $2,000 cash! You could be next.

Thank you for choosing to enter Black Enterprise’s Financial Fitness Contest. Your interest…

By B. Jahdy Lancelot

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

Flash drives, thumb drives, USB sticks: whatever you want to call them, they’re more than…

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

“The secret society [of the voice-over business] is due in part because it’s a career…

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