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Live Large With Less Cash

Living well on a limited budget means maximizing what you get out of life for…

By Lauren Lea

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Making Changes

Richard Battles adjusts his finances after retiring from the military

Richard Battles created a lifetime of memories during his 20-year Naval career. He lived in…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash

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Don’t Be Bamboozled

Recession-fueled scams are on the rise. Heres how to avoid financial fraud

Tips for avoiding financial fraud

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Distressed Property

Ty Foster, Managing Partner, Foster, Lynch, Thomas LLC, and John Simons, Senior Personal Finance Editor,…


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What To Do Today to Prepare For This Year’s Taxes

Don�t let Uncle Sam catch you off guard

It’s not tax season yet, but by the time you finish feasting on turkey and…

By Renita Burns

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The Homebuyer’s Toolkit: Getting Started

How to know if you're ready and what banks are looking for

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming. I feel your pain, I’m there…

By LaToya M. Smith

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How to Choose a Financial Planner

Six vital questions to ask before doing business

Having the right questions for a planner is critical. Here are six questions to ask…

By Bridget McCrea

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Down But Not Out

Resources for when the ends stop meeting

If you find yourself in need, or someone you know is in need of home,…

By Renita Burns

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Finding the Sweet Spot of Investing

Reduce a portfolios risk without giving up on high returns

Here is a collection of investments that can help to minimize the chance of losses…

By Donald Jay Korn

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Hold On To Your Wallet

Airlines impose holiday surcharge for winter flights

With domestic holiday airfares as much as 15% lower than last year, carriers are making…

By Renita Burns

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Seven Things to Know Before Investing in Rental Property

Now can be a good time to be a landlord

For potential investors who have good credit, savings, and a dose of patience, the time…

By Vicki Lee Parker

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What Dow 10,000 Means—This Time

A search for significance in the financial market's rally

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average powers through the 10,000-point threshold today, millions of investors…

By John Simons

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Tools to Help You Track Your Dollars

Take the stress out of money management

I recently tested three programs, Microsoft Excel,, and Google Docs, to find the pros…

By Renita Burns

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Planning for Retirement

Jacquette Timmons, President & CEO, Sterling Investment Management, and John Simons, Senior Personal Finance Editor,…


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Scam Alert: Cash For Home Offer May Not Be What You Think

Tempting offer proves to be fool's gold

“Sell you home for cash” signs are ubiquitous, and unfortunately, sketchy, says Manny Alvarado, operation…

By Renita Burns

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I’m Not Rosa Parks. He’s Not Dr. King.

But they are The Empowerment Experiment

Dr. King tells me that even though he and Rosa Parks and all the other…

By Maggie Anderson

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When Two Becomes One

How to rebound when your income has dwindled

Pat Houston, 38, remains one of the 14.5 million unemployed, according to the July 2009…

By Sakina P. Spruell

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Economic Recovery Act, Pt. 1

Leon Richardson, CEO, Chemico System, and Alan Hughes, Editorial Director, BLACK ENTERPRISE, discuss if minority…


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Economic Recovery Act, Pt. 2

Joe Watson, CEO, Strategic Hire, discusses job opportunities in emerging industries. (Part 2)


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Investing in the Future

Larry and Brenda Breland devised a savings plan that funded their retirement and put their children through college

Educating young minds for some 30 years is no small feat. But it was a…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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How To

T-Shirt Business

How to Start a Profitable T-Shirt Business

T-shirts are contemporary wardrobe staples for men, women, and children today. Building an online T-shirt…

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How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks

While some stocks in these sectors have been high fliers, even more have gone bust…

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