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LGBT Investors More Upbeat About The Economy

Despite overall optimism, Wells Fargo survey shows financial confusion about DOMA and benefits is high for same-sex couples

A new survey shows new information about the group’s attitude about the economy.

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Cash Mobs Support Small Businesses

Online Banks: Too Good to be True?

Online Banking isn't quite what it used to be

A few things to consider before opening an account in 2013

By Ashley R. Harris

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Former NBA Star Antoine Walker, Who Lost Millions, Helps Others Avoid Fate

Former NBA All-Star is giving financial advice

Antoine Walker has had his share of financial struggles, but it’s not stopping him from…

By Darren Sands

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Eddie Long

Eddie Long Sued By New Birth Congregants Over Ponzi Scheme

New Birth says it is hoping former parishioners will recoup lost funds

Eddie Long is the target of a suit filed in Dekalb state court in January.

By Darren Sands

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Turbulence and Triumph: Arik Air On Flight to Success in Airline Industry

West Africa’s largest commercial airline boasts over 6 million annual domestic flyers

Despite numerous attempts, one company sees success in starting an airline in Nigeria. Arik Air…

By Zandile Blay

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Fiscal Cliff Resolution to Take Large Chunk Out of American Paychecks

The resolution may hurt more than it helps

Many Americans are just finding out what the fiscal cliff could mean for them.

By Ashley R. Harris

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Wait ‘Til I Get My Money Right: Top Money Resolutions for 2013

Overall health, physically and fiscally, is within your reach

Get your mind — and money — right in 2013.

By Ashley R. Harris

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Fed Teases to When Interest Rates Will Go Up

The Fed is waiting for unemployment to hit a magic number before it entertains changing interest rates

Is good news on the horizon?

By Ashley R. Harris

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Taking a New Look at Entrepreneurship and Franchising

Our financial expert says it's worth taking a look at franchising from another perspective

Want to start a franchise? It may not be necessary to reinvent the wheel.

By Patrice C. Washington

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Sorry, Granny: Savings Bonds to Go Digital

Savings bonds have gone digital, much to the chagrin of grandparents

How will this change the system?

By Ashley R. Harris

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Wealthy Giving Big Gifts Before 2013 Tax Hike

The fiscal cliff has scared some to giving away fortunes

Could this trend prove prudent?

By Ashley R. Harris

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Warren Buffet Insists on the Gov’t Taking His (And His Rich Friends’) Money

The Oracle of Omaha says that it's time for the rich to get real

Warren Buffet thinks fellow billionaires are in line for a reality-check.

By Ashley R. Harris

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The Talk: Um, Mom … Just How Much Are You Worth?

Kids worry they'll have to take care of their parents after retirement, but most parents are OK

A familial financial dilemma

By Ashley R. Harris

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Nas Still Owes Taxes, Tour Money to be Garnished

Why can't rappers ever get their tax situations straight?

The rapper is still in arrears, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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The Other Fiscal Cliff: Money-Market Funds

The fiscal cliff isn't the only money problem on the Hill

Another financial problem, potential disastrous, confronts lawmakers.

By Ashley R. Harris

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What’s REALLY Keeping You Out of the One Percent?

Dennis Kimbro's new book, "The Wealth Choice," makes the compelling case that becoming a millionaire is not a matter of chance or connections, but of choice.

Why do some of us become millionaires, even billionaires, while the majority of the rest…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Generation X’ers Retirement Fears Grow as Economy Slowly Recovers

What's retirement mean for the generation who thought they'd never die?

Their fears can be attributed to the decline in wage earnings during the recession and…

By Ashley R. Harris

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3 Steps to Avoid Getting Swindled for Your Money

Don't let your money disappear from you, now.

These three steps can help keep you in the black

By Ashley R. Harris

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Film Producer Alfred Spellman Talks ESPN Doc on ‘Broke’ Athletes

Documentary highlights the challenges of fame and fortune in sports

Filmmaker Alfred Spellman talks race, fame and power in sports— and how easy it is…

By Darren Sands

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How to Keep it Rich

Too many people get rich and lose their money. Here's how to hold on to it.

Here’s a roadmap to setting your wealth goals

By Sakina P. Spruell

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

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