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Kevin “Voice of Elmo” Clash Resigns from Sesame Street

A new person has come forward accusing Clash of underage sex with a teenage boy

Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street amid accusations from two men that he had…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Florida Death Row Inmate Confesses to O. J. Simpson Murders

The serial killer told his family that he did it

Could it be?

By Makkada B. Selah

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Billy Scott, 70’s R&B Singer, Dead at 70

The beloved singer had battled cancer

Scott was one of the champions of “Carolina Beach” music.

By Makkada B. Selah

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Rare Record of Ole Bluesman, Robert Johnson, Found

Robert Johnson was one of the architects of modern blues

While digging in the crates in Pittsburgh a man finds a rare Robert Johnson record…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Isolation of HIV Positive Inmates in Alabama Under Review

Inmates say they feel like lepers

A federal judge will soon be deciding if it’s legal to isolate inmates with H.I.V.…

By Makkada B. Selah

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New Academic Standards Based on Race Spark Controversy in Virginia

What do you think of Virginia's decision?

Virginia’s decision to set different academic benchmarks based on race has sparked controversy

By Laurence Afums

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White Administrator Allowed to Sue Texas Southern University for Discrimination

What do you think of this case?

A law school dean said she was being forced out because of her race.

By Laurence Afums

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Cop Caught on Tape Beating up Clown

The clown was reportedly chasing cars with a toy gun.

What do you think of this clip?

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Scientists Study Freestyle Rappers’ Brains

The results provide insight into how we improvise

Scientists in Bethesda, Maryland think freestyle rappers have something to contribute to science

By Makkada B. Selah

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Cory A. Booker and Tech Executives Call for Policies to Support Growth and Job Creation

Cory Booker Bets Twitter Follower to Live Off Food Stamps For a Week

Offensive challenge or not?

A Twitter exchange over the role of government leads to a wager

By Laurence Afums

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Allen West Granted a Recount In Florida

A judge had previously denied his request for a recount

Do you think he should concede already?

By Laurence Afums

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Controversial Martin Luther King Biopic is Back On

King's estate reportedly exerted pressure on the filmmakers to shelve it

Do you want to see a MLK biopic?

By Laurence Afums

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Poll Watcher Caught On Video Expressing Suspicions About Black Voters

Man: 'I saw "double or triple the amount" of people of color that I see at the mall.'

Did you see any poll watchers acting like this Colorado one did?

By Laurence Afums

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Black Student Racially Attacked at Ole Miss

The freshman said he feared for his life

The FBI and civil rights organizations are investigating a hate crime on the campus of…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Student Accused of Murdering Her Roommate Found Not Guilty

The two roommates at the HBCU had a contentious relationship all semester

The jury decided that Alexis Simpson acted in self-defence in the fatal stabbing of her…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Solange Knowles’ Hair Earns a Closer Inspection From the TSA

It's "discrim-FRO-nation," the singer joked

Has this happened to you?

By Laurence Afums

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Court Strike’s Down Michigan’s Ban on Using Race in College Admissions

Justices said the ban violated the rights of minority applicants

A Michigan appeals court invalidated a ballot measure that prohibited colleges and universities there from…

By Laurence Afums

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Deion Sanders Calls Out White Reporter for Racism

Sanders called the reporter a racist.

NFL veteran Deion Sanders responds to allegations from a white reporter that his charter school…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Katt Williams Arrested — Again

The comedian allegedly hit someone over the head with a bottle in the club

Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested again for assault — just another arrest in a…

By Makkada B. Selah

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Domestic Violence Charges get Dropped for Dez Bryant

Judge offers counseling for star wide receiver

ez Bryant, the wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys is getting a reprieve in court.…

By Sasha King

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