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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Workers

Are remote workers the right fit for your company?

While remote workers have their place in an increasingly global labor market, hiring outside staff…

By C. Daniel Baker

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5 Steps to Invest in a Trademark

Steps to Take When Investing in a Trademark

A trademark is an important investment in protecting your business

Steps to help expedite creating a trademark for your business

By C. Daniel Baker

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5 Golden Rules of Customer Retention

How To Build a Real Connection With Customers

Tips to gain customers, grow revenue, and grow your business using real connections

How to organically create real relationships with your customers and turn them into repeat buyers

By C. Daniel Baker

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Dissolve Your Inactive Business Before Dec 31st to Avoid Penalties

When a business is no longer active, it's important to dissolve the business

Leaving an inactive business open without properly dissolving it leaves the owners of said business…

By C. Daniel Baker

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small business awards

Nominate a Business for the 2014 National Small Business Week Awards

Are you a small business owner with a success story to tell?

Submit your nomination!

By C. Daniel Baker

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John Sweet’s 10 Lessons On Baking Success Into Your Small Business

10 Lessons on Baking Success Into Your Small Business

John Sweet reflects on lessons learned after 10 successful years in business

For 10 years, John Sweet & his wife Angela turned Niedlove’s Breadworks into a Chattanooga…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Ex-Im Bank Annual Report Outlines Record Year for Small Businesses

FedEx & The Export-Import Bank Join Forces to Empower U.S. Businesses to Export

Ex-Im Bank's total authorizations are supporting an estimated $50 billion in U.S. export sales

Alliance that will help U.S. small and medium-sized businesses reach the 95% of the world’s…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Your Year-End Small Business Accounting Checklist

How to best manage your small business for success in the new year

Tips to help you best manage your company finances and position your small business for…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Know The Flow: Cash Is Critical To Small Business Survival

1 out of every 3 small businesses fails within the first two years, often due to poor financial management

PNC Bank offers tips to help

By C. Daniel Baker

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PR Expert Karen Taylor Bass Talks Public Relations on a Small Budget

You don't have to spend much to get some good PR

Karen Taylor Bass explains how to accomplish good PR on a shoestring budget

By Sasha King

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What do Potential Employees Value Most in a Company?

How to Hire Only the Best Talent for Your Startup

Five tips for attracting talent that will support your vision

Hiring the right talent is one of the most important aspects of building a thriving…

By C. Daniel Baker

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How To Keep Your Startup Customers Smiling

A large number of people are jaded from poor customer service experiences

At a startup and arguably at a large company too – there is nothing more…

By Black Enterprise

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5 People You Need to Have in Your Entrepreneurial Network

Who you know is just as important as what you know

One of the most direct ways to build up your network and add new members…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Social Media Strategies for Crisis Communications Presented at Free Webinar

Who Should Manage a Company’s Social Media Presence?

When it comes to your company's social media strategy, who should take the lead?

Overseeing an organization’s social media efforts usually overlaps departments. Here’s how to decide who in…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Overall Satisfaction among Small Business Banking Customers Drops

Overall Satisfaction Among Small Business Banking Customers Drops [Survey]

Satisfaction among small business banking customers has decreased in 2013

Overall satisfaction among small business banking customers has decreased in 2013

By C. Daniel Baker

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New Study Details Economic And Environmental Costs Of NYC Polystyrene Ban

Small Businesses Weigh the Possible Costs of NYC’s Foam Ban

A switch to alternatives could cost city businesses millions, increase solid waste

NYC’s proposed ban on polystyrene foam foodservice materials will impact small businesses, according to one…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Get More Out of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Resources For Your Business

Small Business Saturday falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Small Business Saturday has become an important fixture on the business calendar for merchants

By C. Daniel Baker

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It doesn’t matter if you prefer ultrabooks, tablets, or MacBooks, you’re not going anywhere without a smartphone. It is definitely a requirement for every entrepreneur. But a tech entrepreneur needs one because it's web enabled. The Samsung Galaxy S III is a great example. The latest in the Galaxy S series offers more than most smartphones. It has one of the most sophisticated mobile experiences to date. It’s light, thin and can fit right in the palm of any hand, plus the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system makes multitasking simple. You have the option to watch HD videos while emailing or texting, if you so choose.

Why Mobile SMS Marketing to Drive Holiday Sales Is Smart for Black Businesses

Black businesses can take venture to next level with SMS marketing

As African-Americans over-index on mobile phone usage, this means of cost-effective reach might be just…


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“I AM the 96%” Campaign Focuses on Legislation for Women Business Owners

8% of women business owners have 1-5 employees and 88% are self-employed

Are you a mom in business?

By C. Daniel Baker

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How To Boost Your Company’s Cash Flow

Here's five ways you can improve your business' inflow of cash and bottom line

Having cashflow issues?

By Carolyn M. Brown

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