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Tech Startup of the Week: Stipple Brings Photos to Life Through Tagging

Rey Flemings found a way to see past the limitations of computer vision

Image-based advertising and e-commerce company Stipple is Black Enterprise’s Tech Startup of the Week.

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Incubate NYC founders Marcus Mayo and Brian L. Shields. (Image courtesy of Incubate NYC)

IncubateNYC: Entrepreneurs Teaching Entrepreneurs

Former Wall Streeters follow passion and create a startup incubator speak with IncubateNYC founders Brian Shields and Marcus Mayo on quitting their jobs on…

By Demetria Irwin

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Small Business - Featured

Small Businesses Say “No” to Outsourcing and Redefine Success

After the recession, some small businesses are still finding ways to keep their product 100% American-made.

Small businesses fight to keep their doors open in a diminishing economy.

By Amber McKynzie

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SBA offers new tools to educate Small Business on the Affordable Care Act

SBA Offers New Tools to Educate Small Businesses on Healthcare Law

New webpage and blog aims to explains new healthcare law

The SBA wants to help business owners find the special provisions in the Affordable…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Women Owned Small Businesses Continue To Lose Out On Government Contracts

Government agencies have little incentive to award contracts

Losing out at a faster rate than that of male-owned small businesses.

By C. Daniel Baker

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The 2014 H-1B Visa Race Begins today

Entrepreneurs Demand Immigration Reform For Skilled Workers

Start-ups say it's too expensive and difficult to hire foreign talent

Owners say they have to reject many skilled applicants due to red tape and regulations

By C. Daniel Baker

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OnceLogix Founders

Tech Startup of the Week: OnceLogix Provides Innovative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Entrepreneurial trio provides healthcare solutions...the tech way’s Tech Startup of the Week highlights different tech entrepreneurs and the innovative companies they’ve…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Can Robot Workers Save Small Factories?

Can a Robot Named Baxter Save Small U.S. Factories?

Robots may replace low wage overseas workers.

A humanoid robot could revive U.S. manufacturing

By C. Daniel Baker

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Court Approves Sales Tax on Online Sellers

The IRS Delays Tax Season for 120 Million Households

Changes from the Fiscal Cliff deal forces changes in tax forms.

Delay affects 80% of Americans who’ll have to wait until later to begin filing

By C. Daniel Baker

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Small Business and The JOBS Act: One Year Later

Costs of Obamacare Minimal on Small Businesses [Study]

Only midsize companies would really see higher costs from Obamacare

Despite what Critics say, Obamacare is not bad for business according to one study.

By C. Daniel Baker

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Simple Steps to Reevaluate your Business Strategy

When your marketing goes stale, so does your business

The purpose of cleaning up your online business is to stay relevant to consumers. So,…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Small Business and The JOBS Act: One Year Later

Obama Signs Bill to Deliver More Government Contracts to Small Businesses

New provisions will help small businesses compete for more federal contracts

Number of small business contracts awarded will now figure into bonuses and promotions

By C. Daniel Baker

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the impending fiscal cliff and small business

How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Affects Small Businesses

The Fiscal Cliff deal is bittersweet for small businesses

While some provisions are helpful, not all are in favor of small business owners

By C. Daniel Baker

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Are Green leases the future of small business real estate

Increase the Value of Your Office Space with a Green Lease

Green leases improve the environmental performance of a leased office space

To reinforce a commitment to the Earth throughout the year, companies can validate their dedication…

By C. Daniel Baker

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10 States to Increase Minimum Wage in 2013

10 States to Increase Minimum Wage in 2013

Do you live in a state where your wage may increase?

Minimum wage for servers and other tipped employees will remain $2.13 per hour

By C. Daniel Baker

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Small Business and The JOBS Act: One Year Later

ASBL Claims Obama Wants to “Dismantle the Small Business Administration”

The American Small Business League fears Obama is going phase out the SBA.

Obama will use the Fiscal Cliff crisis to dissolve the Small Business Association, says the…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Skipping the Ho,Ho,Ho could mean higher profits for Small Businesses

Skipping the Ho,Ho,Ho Could Mean Higher Profits for Small Businesses

Some businesses are finding good results cutting back holiday decorations.

How not putting up decorations could help your small business stand out.

By C. Daniel Baker


Bakery Goes Into Overdrive After Landing on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” List

Imagine how much a mention from Oprah would change your business.

Wisconsin bakery lands on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list.

By C. Daniel Baker

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Tim Jackson and Frank Kendrick of the NuJak Companies. (Image: Ryan Ketterman)

UBR Spotlight: Frank Kendrick and Tim Jackson of NuJak Construction

More on the entrepreneurs, business strategies and economic news featured on The Urban Business Roundtable

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable: NuJak Construction Partners Frank Kendrick and Tim Jackson;…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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(Image: ThinkStock)

How Small Business Owners Can Profit from Being Politically Active

Sometimes making your business successful is all about having the right connections

Every small business owner wants to be successful but many oftentimes overlook the importance of…

By Raynard Jackson

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