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App Addiction: Survey Shows 85% of Smartphone Users Would Rather Give Up Water Than Apps

Mobile app behavior survey sheds light on app appeal

API company Apingee released results from its 2013 Mobile App Behavior survey of smartphone owners,…


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Google awards grants to boost innovation

Google Introduces Its Own Social Log-In Feature

Tech giant introduces new sign-in feature

Google announced Google+ sign-in on Tuesday, which allows the networking site’s users to sign into…


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Twitter birds like this one began to appear in twitter profiles all across the web (Image: File)

10 #BlackTwitter Favorites

Whether they’re serving up controversy or thought-provoking tidbits, these notables will keep you stalking their Twitter feed

From politicians to celebrities, African Americans are making their mark through social media, garnering worldwide…

By Winston Ford

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This Job Market ‘Superpower’ Will Give You More Than a Leg Up

Advocacy group shines light on valuable job skill via tech stars like Mark Zuckerberg

You may think this skill is just for tech geeks, but in the job market,…

By Janell Hazelwood

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homeless man returned engagement ring billy ray harris

Internet Raises $150K for Homeless Man Who Returned Woman’s Engagement Ring

Couple plans to give all the money raised to homeless man who helped them

Couple rewards homeless man for his good deed

By Makkada B. Selah

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Nokia Expands Its Smartphone Lineup

The Finnish company debuts four new phones

Nokia on Monday debuted four new phones: the Lumia 520, Lumia 720, Nokia 301 and…


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Teen Tech Bash Introduces Students to App, Game & Web Design

Teenagers spend one Friday night each month learning to code and develop apps

Teen Tech Bash, which began in January 2013, is an overnight event staffed with educators,…

By Janel Martinez

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5 Future Leaders in Technology

These innovators are making a name for themselves in the tech space features 5 future leaders in tech are not only creating a path, but defying…

By Winston Ford

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NYC iPhone Theft On the Rise, NYPD Creates Task Force

Task force developed to track stolen iPhones, iPads

The recent spike in iPhone theft in New York City has caused the New York…

By Janel Martinez

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Square introduces a “one-stop startup kit”

Square Introduces a One Stop Point-of-Sale Kit

All items work wirelessly and seamlessly with Square's software

While traditional POS software can run into the thousands, Square’s POS is $299

By C. Daniel Baker

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Tech Startup of The Week: Around The Way Ranks Teamwork #1 for Success

Janine Hausif chose to build a company with experts who could add value and benefit the bottomline

Around The Way App is The Tech Startup of the Week for February 17-23. Co-founder…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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5 Common Social Media Myths for Business Debunked

Social networking myths exposed debunks 5 common social media myths.

By S. Lynn Cooper

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Sony Teases Gamers At PlayStation 4 Reveal

Electronics giant announces PS4, promising cloud capabilities and social interaction

Nine years after PlayStation hit the gaming industry, Sony has gifted gamers with PlayStation 4.

By Anthony Frasier

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18 Notable (Black) Social Media Moments

From Whitney's passing to #hoodiesforTrayvon, see the top social media moments

With Blacks at the helm of social conversations, takes a closer look at the…

By Winston Ford

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New media has changed the way businesses function, increasing the amount of power consumers hold. This shift is evident in the way consumers use, socialize and interact with brands on the Web. Let’s face it: We are now, all—like it or not—immersed in a socially driven society, where the need to share every move, want, or purchase is apparent via our Google+ circles, Foursquare and Facebook check-ins, and instantaneous Twitter updates. 

Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting at JWT in New York, set out Monday to inform brands how they can take advantage of social media at the opening of Social Media Week, showcasing some top consumer trends and the various ways customers interact with them. See what four trends brands should pay close attention to this year--and beyond. --Noni Cavaliere

History in the Making: Social Media Week Expands to Africa

First-ever Social Media Week Lagos debuts with much success

Social Media Week Lagos made its debut on Monday. Attendees have the opportunity to sit…

By Claudine Moore

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Quincy Jones: New MJ album release all a cash grab
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Quincy Jones Launches Music Education App, Playground Sessions

Famed music producer co-created music version of Rosetta Stone

Music legend Quincy Jones launched a new music education app Tuesday called Playground Sessions.


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4 Tips for Vending with Square From Conventions and Festivals

Repeat Square user provides best practices for using electronic payment service

Business owner Karla Spencer-George provides fellow vendors with tips for using Square.

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Photo of a man driving a car

10 Apps to Improve Your Morning Commute

These apps will save you—and your morning travel routine

Ten apps that will make commuting life a bit easier.


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Black Girls Hack Changes Name to Blerdology

Founders of #BlackHack unveil new name and website

In an effort to reach a wider audience of budding innovators, entrepreneurs and tech professionals,…

By Janel Martinez

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Burger King Twitter Feed Hacked & Suspended

Burger King’s Twitter Account Hacked and Suspended

Hackers referenced Lil Reese, Chief Keef and other rappers

Already dealing with a horsemeat scandal, now Burger King faces a social media crisis

By C. Daniel Baker


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