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Model poses for online shop African Lookbook (Image: African Lookbook)

Young Entrepreneurs Behind African Lookbook Connect Artists With Consumers Online

How one startup shares independent African artists with the world caught up with the entrepreneurs behind African Lookbook, Aaron Kohn and Phil Sandick, to…

By Semhar Nyomi Woldeyesus

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‘Black in America’: Hajj Flemings, One Year Later

Detroit native shares what he’s been up to since the CNN documentary caught up with the tech entrepreneur Hajj Flemings to see what he’s been up…

By Janel Martinez

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Hosted by Power 105's Angela Yee and Hot 97's own Miss Info, the Hip Hop Dance Experience Video Game launch brought out a mixed crowd of hardcore gamers, writers and influencers to test their footwork during the kickoff event last month.  While many tried out the game, others enjoyed music spun by J. Period.

‘The Hip Hop Dance Experience’ Brings Out Inner B-Boy in NYC Crowd

Check out photos from the launch party in NYC

“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” video game launch celebration in New York City, hosted by…

By Cedric 'BIG CED' Thornton

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Team of geography academics at Floating Sheep tracked states with the most racist tweets (Image: Floating Sheep)

Geographers Reveal Where Nation’s Racist Tweets Come From

Post-presidential election 2012, take a look at which states have most racist tweets

Academics at Floating Sheep map out racism on Twitter.

By Yannique Benitez

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Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

WATCH: Freshwire’s Shawn Amos Explores Election Day Stats in ‘60 Seconds of Social Media’

The chief executive discusses the social media response to President Obama’s re-election

With Election Day 2012 being the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history, CEO…

By Janel Martinez

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Small Business advice from Twitter’s Founder

Tweet #ThankAVet on November 11 to Support Veterans

To honor vets, tweet using hashtag for $1 donation

This Veteran’s Day, the History network wants you to honor veterans and tweet #ThankAVet to…

By Yannique Benitez

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President Obama and wife Michelle Obama embrace

Obama’s Social Media-Savvy Campaign Lands Most Popular Tweet in History

The president wins in the world of social, making presidential and Twitter history

President Obama’s victory tweet was retweeted more than 350,000 times and favorited over 120,000 times,…

By Yannique Benitez

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Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

WATCH: Freshwire’s Shawn Amos On Social Media Response to Hurricane Sandy

The chief executive explores social media during a crisis

In the latest episode of “60 Seconds of Social Media,” Freshwire’s CEO Shawn Amos explores…

By Janel Martinez

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Privacy continues to be one of the top issues in sharing content on social networks. Recently, Facebook announced their new privacy settings and the redesign they are rolling out soon. Users started seeing the new privacy changes to the Web version Thursday, and the mobile roll-out of changes will happen soon after. An interesting question is what is driving the new Facebook privacy changes? Is it Google Plus or the need to provide users with a more contextual experience? The launch of Google Plus has intensified content-sharing privacy with their Google Circles functionality. The friendly competition with Google will hopefully continue to provide changes that will benefit the user. The other big plus is that these adjustments enable users to manage their profiles, which represent and reflect a portion of their online identity. ---Hajj Flemings

Twitterverse Weighs In During #Cyberbully Chat

Recap from cyberbullying conversation

“Behind the Screen: Bullying in the Age of Technology,” which featured guest experts Frederick J.…

By Janel Martinez

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Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

WATCH: Freshwire’s Shawn Amos Talks Second Screen Viewing in ‘60 Seconds of Social Media’

The chief executive explains the connection between social buzz and TV ratings

Freshwire CEO Shawn Amos explores the second screen experience and highlights Portland-based startup Chirpify in…

By Janel Martinez

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(Image: Alicia Keys/AK Worldwide and Bento Box Interactive)

WATCH: R&B Songstress Alicia Keys On Storytelling App for Kids

Singer-songwriter and producer launches “The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee”

Loosely based on her relationship with her Nana, R&B singer Alicia Keys unveils an interactive…

By Janel Martinez

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(Image: Thinkstock)

Study Ties Kids’ Tech Usage In the Bedroom to Obesity

Fifty-seven percent of students reported using technology after they were supposed to be asleep

In addition to poor sleeping patterns, children who have access to technology in their bedrooms…

By Janel Martinez

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President Obama and Mitt Romney talk military spending at the Presidential Debate. [Image:]

‘Horses and Bayonets’ Win Social Media: 11 Best Romney Memes

Obama's zinger goes viral with unforgettable memes

Obama’s zinger goes viral with unforgettable memes

By Terrena Carriman

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(Image: Thinkstock)

What Type of Social Media User Are You?

Incyte Group identifies four types of consumers on social media

According to market research conducted by The Incyte Group, there are four major types of…

By Janel Martinez

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Backed By the Tech Community  

With promises of tax breaks and a laissez-faire approach to regulation, many in the tech community favor Romney. In a recent poll, 64% of chief executives, CFOs and other company officers at tech companies as well as venture capitalists, tech entrepreneurs and consultants felt a Romney administration would be more prosperous to their industry. 

Well-known venture capitalist and Facebook investor Marc Andreessen has contributed more than $100,000 to the Romney campaign. He’s also been victorious in tapping Silicon Valley heavyweights for super PACs. We’re talking key tech backers such as chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Meg Whitman; Howard Cox, advisory partner at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners; and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who gave over $4 million to conservative super PACs this year.

Mitt Romney’s Top Tech-Savvy Moves takes a look at what GOP nominee Mitt Romney is doing to gain tech…


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Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

President Obama’s Top Tech-Savvy Moves

Here,, takes a closer look at what President Obama has done to advance the…


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Hundreds applied to the FOCUS100 Pitch-It Competition, but only four made the cut. These four promising start-ups founded/co-founded by black women proved to be the main attraction, not only because of their live products, but because of their experience, education, passion, and business acumen under pressure. All of the winners received coaching sessions with Jeanne Sullivan of Starvest Partners and Lauren Maillan Bias of Gen Y Capital. But only one stood victorious. The winner walked away with:

- Finalist status for TechStars NYC 2013 session

- A Non-Pitch Meeting with Andreessen Horowitz, and

- A Meeting with Comcast Ventures.

Can you guess who won?
Marcia Wade Talbert

Women Tech Startups Win Big at Pitch Competition [Gallery]

Four finalists lay it all on the table for VC Investors at the DigitalUnDivided #FOCUS100 Pitch Bootcamp & Symposium

Four female finalists from the #FOCUS100 Pitch-It competition demonstrate their unique mobile and new media…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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(Image: Jeff Belizaire)

Tech Whiz Jeff Belizaire Redefines Urban Culture Through Marketing

Working with brands such as Coca-Cola and heavy hitters like Swizz Beatz, the entrepreneur is the brains behind well-known marketing campaigns

Young entrepreneur Jeff Belizaire has been a key behind-the-scenes player in spearheading the marketing strategies…

By Danielle Hester

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In the tech industry, less than 1% of founders who have received venture capital funds are African American. Black women compose only a fraction of that 1%. But, you would never guess that walking into Ogilvy & Mather World headquarters in New York City for day one of the FOCUS100 Symposium and Pitch Bootcamp. 

The one thing many of these women had in common was the passion and drive to create their own dream, and become employers in today’s high-growth innovation economy. Founded by Kathryn Finney, the FOCUS 100 symposium was designed to not only connect black female thought leaders and tech innovators, but arm them with the skills needed to make an impression on the mostly white, male-dominated world of tech startups. Here’s a glimpse at what transpired: --Marcia Wade Talbert

#FOCUS100: Black Women’s Tech Conference Becomes Trending Topic

Highlights from the FOCUS100 Pitch Bootcamp

Founded by Kathryn Finney, the FOCUS 100 symposium was designed to not only connect black…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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In a world where connections and deals can be made over email and social media platforms, it’s always nice to get that real-time interaction. Real time, as in face-to-face time (not to be confused with Apple’s Facetime option) of course. Well, newbie-to-seasoned bloggers and social media enthusiasts come in droves to Blogalicious where they can get just that. From September 28-30, the 4th annual conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Red Rock Resort & Spa. Staying true to our editorial mission to showcase entrepreneurs and technology experts of color, compiled a photo gallery highlighting tech enthusiasts and innovators who attended Blogalicious Weekend 2012.—Janel Martinez and Marcia Wade Talbert

Blogalicious Attendees Talk Takeaways and Tools to Stay Productive On the Go

Here's a photo gallery highlighting the attendees of Blogalicious Weekend 2012

Staying true to our editorial mission to showcase entrepreneurs and technology experts of color,…

By Janel Martinez

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