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Beats World Cup

Beats Headphones Banned At World Cup

Did Beats use marketing tactics to undermine World Cup sponsor Sony?

Beats headphones are banned at the World Cup by FIFA, citing the conflicting agreement that…

By Patrick Austin

T-Mobile store logo

T-Mobile’s Free Music Streaming Service Is Bad News For Net Neutrality

CEO John Legere's aggressive move could set the Web down a dangerous path

T-Mobile’s John Legere announced Rhapsody unRadio, a free music streaming app for T-Mobile customers.

By Patrick Austin

amazon fire phone

Amazon Announces Fire Phone

With unlimited photo storage, a face-tracking camera, and a service to buy anything you see, this could be the ultimate shopping phone

Amazon's Fire Phone can track your head and buy almost anything, but only works well…

By Patrick Austin

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iOS emoji

New Emoji List Still Lacks Blacks

The Unicode Consortium says it's striving to create a more diverse landscape, but this update proves otherwise

The emoji list includes various hand signs, cat faces, and rocket ships, but no people…

By Patrick Austin


USA Robot To Compete In World Cup Soccer Challenge

Marquette University's cybernetic creations will take the field in Brazil.

With the hype of the World Cup Tournament in full swing, Americans are focused on…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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The Moto 360 is the first in a series of devices running Google's Android Wear software.

Google Could Start Tracking Your Employees’ Health

The search giant could start gathering data on your fitness through its Android-compatible wearable devices

The Moto 360 is the first in a series of devices running Google’s Android Wear…

By Patrick Austin

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Launches Prime Music

It doesn't have as many songs as Spotify, but the company is betting on popularity rather than quantity

Amazon's Prime Music service will be ad-free and bundled with your Amazon Prime subscription. (Image…

By Patrick Austin

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Google Wants In On Virgin Galactic’s Space Business

Talks of a deal have begun between Branson and the SEO giant.

Google is “slanging” its bucks around majorly after its $500 million acquisition of satellite imaging…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Yahoo Finance Bitcoin

Bitcoin Goes More Mainstream In Yahoo! Finance

The finance site is treating the virtual currency like any other site, all while boosting its credibility among investors

Bitcoin's volatile value has been on the upswing over the last few weeks. (Image credit:…

By Patrick Austin

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Skybox Imaging Google acquisition

Google Buys Satellite Maker Skybox For $500M

$500 million in cash was enough for Google to buy the satellite maker and expand its plans for truly global Internet access

Skybox Imaging is the second company acquired by Google for spreading Internet access, the first…

By Patrick Austin

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Four New Tech Items Revolutionizing Senior Living

It is our duty to take care of our elders.

Baby Boomers are now reaching their golden years, and as their offspring, we’re entrusted with…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Apple Needed Beats To Fix iTunes Radio

Employees reportedly claimed upper management didn't understand how Spotify worked, and in some cases refused to learn

Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, founders of Beats Electronics (Image:
Apple’s $3 billion purchase of…

By Patrick Austin

Apple Lightning cable

Apple’s Master Plan With Beats: Headphone Lockdown

Apple's proprietary connector could provide more features for headphones, but also damage consumer options thanks to its exclusivity

With Apple buying Beats for $3 billion, the company no doubt wants a return on…

By Patrick Austin

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Photo: Google

RECAP: Beats By Dre Premieres ‘The Game Before The Game’

Pegged to the upcoming World Cup, company doubles down on billionaire status

Check out highlights from the world premiere showing of Beats by Dre’s ‘The Game Before…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Amazon phone teaser

Amazon’s Smartphone Could Arrive June 18

Amazon's media ecosystem and App store lends itself as the perfect companion to a new smartphone

Amazon has the e-reader market basically in a headlock, and is trying to do the…

By Patrick Austin

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Diane von Furstenberg Partners With Google For Designer Glass

Will Google's designer cache give Glass the boost it needs?

Diane von Furstenberg is a fan of Google Glass, employing it in her fashion shows…

By Patrick Austin

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apple third party keyboard

Apple Will Let You Use Third-Party Keyboards in iOS 8

The company’s upcoming update will let you choose your own keyboard for your iOS device

Previously, getting a third-party keyboard onto your iPhone involved jailbreaking your device and dealing with…

By Patrick Austin

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iPhone 5s with iOS 8

Apple Announces iOS 8 At WWDC

The upgrade brings Health, Apple's health management software, among many other new products

Apple's iOS 8 does a lot to address long-held complaints while providing new features for…

By Patrick Austin

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MacBook running OS X Yosemite

Apple Announces OS X Yosemite At WWDC

A new look, a new notification center, and a new cloud storage system all give OS X Yosemite a forward-looking future

Apple’s WWDC revealed OS X Yosemite, which packs features like iCloud Drive, a new look,…

By Patrick Austin

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Motorola Moto X

Motorola’s Texas Factory Shutting Down

The factory employs 700 workers, and will be shut down at the end of 2014

Motorola's Moto Maker program in Texas has popularized the Moto X as a customizable smartphone.…

By Patrick Austin

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