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If we’ve learned anything at all in the past few months, we’ve learned of the power of black women. This month is no different.

This month guest editor, actress, Naturi Naughton, who exudes all things powerful in her role as Tasha St. Patrick in the Starz mega hit, Power, reveals 5 tips on how you can get your power back even when the going gets tough.

Naughton offers sage advice on what you need to give up and what you must acquire in order to live in the state of being that you desire.

In keeping with the tone of embracing power, executive Jeannette Ward of MJ Freeway shares her journey into the cannabis industry as she combats stigma, judgment, and backlash, to flourish in a career that she wholeheartedly believes in. She also reveals how you too can capitalist on cannabis as the industry booms forward.

After you’re done embracing your power as an individual, it’s time to harness our collective power as a community. Learn what we can gain if we all pull together to support black business, and what’s at stake if we don’t.

Ultimately, we’re only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be.

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