Chicago High School Student Creates App to Connect Caregivers to Parents

Shaquiesha Davis presented her Baby B 4 Me app at 3rd Annual White House Science Fair

How does Baby B 4 Me work?

Baby B4 Me is a mobile application that connects parents and care providers outside of each other’s presence through a real chart update, a support net list, video, and text. For example, as a care provider myself, if the parent and I each have the app, I could check in while they are away and see that they would like the child to be fed at 6:00pm and put to bed at 8:00pm. When I had completed those tasks, I would check off the list. The parent would see in real-time that their child is on their routine, providing comfort to the parent while they are away.

Chicago Tech Academy junior Shaquiesha Davis chatting with actor-turned-techie LeVar Burton and Bill Nye the Science Guy during the 3rd annual White House Science Fair on Monday, April 22 (Image: White House)

Is your app currently available in the App Store, Google Play, or another marketplace? What’s the app’s price point?

No, Baby B 4 Me is not on any marketplace yet. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Baby B4 Me will be in the Apple store, and would have a download cost of $9.95. This cost would only be charged to the care provider. When the care provider pays for the app, they will receive a purchasing code to give their care provider. The care provider would log-in with the code and download the app at no additional charge.

Have you always been passionate about STEM, or is it something you kind of fell into? If so, what’s your earliest memory of getting involved in STEM?

STEM is something that I grew into. My school, Chicago Tech, is a technology school so we have been learning software development and coding since day one. I remember the first time I really got interested in STEM; it was during a summer STEM program at University of Illinois-Chicago. It was really fun and hands on—I think the hands on part is what really got me interested.

Why is it so important for young people to get involved in STEM?

It is very important for students to get involved in STEM because all of the jobs are developing a foundation in these particular areas. And STEM, to me, is the core of everything.

What’s next for you?

I am working on getting Baby B 4 Me into the App Store and patented.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself graduating with a master’s in nursing and a minor in computer programming.

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