Tech Founder Will Lucas Says the Future of Education Will Be Self Curated

Classana co-founder joins Black Enterprise and The Gates Foundation to moderate a symposium on education

What is unique about Classana compared to other EdTECH products?

We support traditional and non-traditional educational resources. We don’t compete against them. We’re sending them the traffic. You don’t take any classes on Classana or consume any resources. We’re going to show you where to go to get the best resources for you based on your individual tastes and goals.

What is unique about the technology behind Classana?

Classana employs a proprietary algorithm that explores your individual tastes and matches that, along with your activity, to resources that help you get better at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

What advice do you have for parents, teachers, students, and principles who want to implement some form of educational technology in the classroom?

The best things we can do is encourage each other to go after what it is we really want to do. With 60% of people not working in the field they studied, that tells me that we spend tons of time and money pursuing jobs we don’t want, don’t like, and can’t get. I believe the future belongs to people who can figure out a way where there traditionally hasn’t been one. The gatekeepers are gone.

I say often that the future of education isn’t a secret locked away in a box somewhere for the privileged few to know. The future of education will be what we make it. What we’ve made is an economy that seeks the entrepreneurial, dedicated, problem-solver. We need an educational system that encourages that exploration.


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