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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q: How can I get discounts on airfare and hotels?
— N. Reese, Lithonia, Georgia

A: The Internet is great way to connect with travel savings. Several hotels and airlines have created special e-mail programs which will notify you electronically when they are offering special discounts and rates. One alternative is to sign up for these free e-mail services by surfing over to Time Savers: Find Travel Bargains on the Web ( It will provide you with direct links to Websites.

Radisson Hotels offers My E-scapes by Radisson, a personalized service that e-mails consumers when special discounts are offered. Simply enter your favorite attractions, activities, destinations, and the time of year that you like to travel and you will receive customized notices. Likewise, Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts has an E-mail Offers Club, which features an electronic mailing list of reduced rates, and Hilton Hotels extends great discounts to its customers through Hilton Value Rates.

Many airlines-national and international-will automatically e-mail special discount rates to you once you have signed up online for the services. They include AirTran, America West, United, TWA, Cathay Pacific Airways, US Airways, Delta, Alaska, American, Continental, and Northwest Airlines.

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