Drama, Laughs and Insight From ‘The Apprentice’

Recapping our live chats former Apprentice Kelly Smith Beaty

Kelly Smith Beaty

For the past few weeks, Black Enterprise had the privilege of a first-person peek behind the scenes of NBC’s primetime reality show The Apprentice. Kelly Smith Beaty, one of the cast members of this season’s show and a former Black Enterprise intern, did live chats with us after the episodes aired on Thursday nights. We even had Gene Folkes, the only black male cast member, drop in for one of our chats. While Kelly is no longer part of the show, here’s a recap of the drama, the laughs, and the intelligent exchanges we shared with her.

“Ice Cream Challenge” (Task 2)

“Working Like a Dog” (Task 3)

“Snack Attack” (Task 4)

“Rock the Catwalk” (Task 5)


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  1. Kukkik says:

    enough words to describe how bueutifal, and full of life these two are. a0As I mentioned in a previous post, Michael is cousins with one of my very good friends, and is a childhood friend of mine. When I was

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