Day 2: BMWs, Bidwhist, and Better Blues…

Brands know that the Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf and Tennis Challenge brings out some of the top business professionals from around the country.

BMW has been a major sponsor for Black Enterprise events for several years and provides attendees a unique opportunity to test drive their newest, top of the line vehicles. Daniel Hobson, a CPA from Brooklyn, New York, took the 2013 780li for a spin. He said, “The drive was great and will influence the choice I make in purchasing my next vehicle. My wife will be the final influence,” he admitted. Hobson is part of the Passion Network, a group out of Brooklyn, New York that brought 53 of their members with them to the Challenge.

In addition to being able to cruise around in the latest BMW Z4, BE guests also had the opportunity to participate in some amicable…for the most part…card competitions. While entrepreneurs were showcasing their companies on one side of the ballroom, Bidwhist buddies were battling for bragging rights as this year’s card champs. “My father taught my siblings and I Bidwhist in grade school. My whole family played,” said Rose Jackson, Ph. D from of Chicago, Illinois. She and her husband were going to play together, though pre-determined teams were encouraged to meet new people. Her husband, Don Jackson, played with Ann Bettis of Atlanta, Georgia and went on to win the championship. Afterwards, the hosts, Alfred Edmond and Zara Green, led the popular Spades tournament.

Shortly after the tournament games ended, everyone came adorned in their Miami blue threads to Pepsi’s Evening Concert featuring Raphael Saadiq. Pamela Culpepper, Senior Vice President and Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer at PepsiCo, reminisced about the year 1993; when Black Enterprise held its first tournament and when Pepsi passed the one billion dollar mark for first time. Comedian, motivational speaker, and filmmaker Michael Colyar hosted the evening with his tear-inducing, stomach-cramping, and knee-slapping, stand-up act. In his entrepreneurial panache, appropriate for the given weekend, Colyar also presented his book, poem and CD which were for sale in the Lobby.

The night ended with an ostentatious live performance by songwriter, producer, and musician Raphael Saadiq. He gave all a treat with fan favorites like “Anniversary,” “It Feels Good,” and “Dance Tonight.”

–by Mia Hall


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