Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit: Day 2 Morning Recap


Attendees woke up to the second day of Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Conference refreshed and rejuvinated for another day of networking, empowerment and informational sessions. The morning started with a meditation with Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy (Ph.D President & CEO Power Living Enterprises) who centered the room of positive energy to prepare attendees mind and spirit for the day.

Cathy Hughes propelled the morning with a “One on One” Converation with Black Enterprise’s Sonia Alleyne with an intimate dialogue discussing her journey to success. She shared many gems with the audience about tough choices she had to make throughout her career and why she went on to launch a national radio company and television network.

“I always knew I wanted to disseminate information because I learned at a very early age that knowledge is power, shared Hughes.

Hughes was able to connect with the crowd discussing roadblocks that she’s faced as a black woman in a competitive male industry, “If we [women are assertive, we’ve called brash and emotional… we’re told to calm down.” She added, “It’s harder now for black women than it’s ever been in our history. It’s hard to work a job, manage a team and go home to an empty house. We need teams. Many of us are marrying our jobs and it ain’t warm.”

Following the one on one session with Cathy Hughes, Women of Power attendees settled into Executive Leadership Workshops which included sessions such as, “Making Your Way to that Prestigious Corporate Board Seat” which featured top executives who served on some of corporate America’s most influential boards sharing their knowledge on success and how to get noticed. “People disappoint you because of your expectations. Change your expectations,” says Adriane Brown, Intellectual Ventures.

“The Future is Now: Optimizing Your Digital Strategy” offered insight from a panel of digital media experts who shared their knowledge on how to incorporate new digital tools to stay connected, and how to manage your brand in the online space. Marlon D. Cousin of The Marquin Group emphasized the importance of keeping your social media pages professional and consistent, “93% of hiring managers are using social media in some way to find/filter talent. Make sure that every touch point represents your brand in a positive way.”

For those who have fear holding them back from their career, “How to Shatter Your Personal Glass Ceiling” was the perfect session for attendees to identify their fears, and use them as building blocks to take them to the next level. ”Confidence is not knowing how to do something but LEARNING to do something,” admitted Audra Bohannon of Global Novations.

Negotiation: Be Smart, Be Bold, Be Crystal Clear offered insight on how to negotiate a compensation or opportunity benefitting your talents, experience and expectations. “Misplaced gratitude can minimize your power. Value yourself,” advises Mori Taheripour of the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania.



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