Clark Kellogg, Magic Johnson Educate and Enlighten Crowd at “Fireside Chat”

A crowd of about 400 people attended the opening event of the 2013 Entrepreneurs Conference — the “Fireside Chat” with NBA legend and accomplished business maven Earvin “Magic” Johnson and CBS Sports analyst Clark Kellogg.

Columbus, Ohio Mayor Michael B. Coleman opened the event with remarks.

“We are glad to have Black Enterprise bring their conference to the city of Columbus where entrepreneurship thrives,” said Coleman.

Nationwide, the conference sponsors, are headquartered in Columbus and called all these forces coming together amazing.

“We are extremely happy to have this partnership and expose the people of Columbus and Ohio to the many educational panels and forums on business and entrepreneurship,” said Gale King, Executive Vice President of Nationwide.

The “Fireside Chat”, which lasted 30 minutes, featured CBS Sports Analyst Clark Kellogg, who interviewed Magic Johnson about his start in entrepreneurship.

“I got started at the age of 16. I had a job where I had to clean floors in an office building and I knew that one day I wanted to be my own boss,” said Johnson.

Johnson spoke about mentors in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan, Joe Ferguson and Greg Eaton, who were African American and served as examples and mentors.

“You have to have people who you can learn from and can serve as mentors.”

Johnson continued to dish his advice on entrepreneurship, stepping down from his seat to get more intimate with the crowd.

He received a standing ovation from the crowd and went on to take pictures with attendees right after.


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