Day 2 Women of Power 2014 Recap: The Balancing Act Panel on Gender and Racial Identity at Work

The Balancing Act session featured speaker Attira Charles, Ph.D, CEO, Think Actually LLC., Assoc Professor of Management at Florida A&M University.

One of Day 2’s early morning sessions at Women of Power, The Balancing Act, dealt with race and gender in the workplace and how you confront it, internalize it, voice it and deal with it.

Dr. Charles asked how does your race make you feel at the workplace. Does it make you feel or behave differently? Do I compromise who I am? My authenticity?

The Florida A&M University Professor astounded the crowd as she broke down how we have titles in each aspect of our life:

Organizational: Titles at our jobs. External: the neighborhood you live in, marital stats, appearance, education and politics. Internal: age, race and gender. Primary: personality.

Dr. Charles also talked about how society works and how you can scream that you love your favorite sports team at work or any other public environment, but screaming out how you love your gender or race may make people feel uncomfortable.

She gave many jewels of advice but also said not to allow consume yourself with your perceptions.


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