Day 2 Women of Power 2014 Panels: Board Games – Play to Win That Coveted Corporate Board Seat Recap

Moderator: Pamela G. Carlton, Presient, Springboard Partners in Cross Cultural Leadership LLC

Robin Washington, EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Gilead Sciences Inc
Donna A. James, Managing Director, Lardon & Associates LLC
Jocelyn Carter Miller, President, Tech Ed Ventures

One of the first workshops of the 2014 Women of Power Conference focused on corporate board seats and not only what it takes to land a seat, but also how much of a responsibility it is to be a board member at any company.

All of the esteemed panelists wanted to make it very clear that a board seat “is a real job.” It is not a position where you are named and do absolutely nothing because you have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure everything is going right in this company you are part of a board on,” said Donna James.

Robin Washington mentioned how many corporate board seats will have you dedicating at least 25 hours of your work week to the position.

Jocelyn Carter Miller discussed the different skill sets looked for in a board member. “You don’t have to have a CPA. When boards are put together, you need people who have financial expertise, marketing expertise, international experience and know how to think like a CEO.”

They also talked about how to get a board job and they said it’s as simple as developing your brand of being an expert not just within your company but outside as well. Those are the first steps — It’s about networking, the c-suite, brand design and more.

It was a great panel and attendees left satisfied with what they learned.


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