Timothy Reese

Founder, National Minority Angel Network

Timothy Reese Mr. Reese brings more than 20 years of experience in investments and startups in the US and UK. He is the founder of the National Minority Angel Network (NMAN™). The National Minority Angel Network (NMAN) is an investment firm that pursues above market returns through the empowerment of minority entrepreneurs and people who invest in them. Its angel network consisting of 40 men and women and is the largest national minority angel investment group in the US. The goal is to become the leading investment firm in terms of minority deals by 2016 averaging 68 deals per year with an average investment of $266,000 per deal. The NMAN founding partners have, collectively, invested $2.4M in 14 ventures and have achieved exit values of $320M for investors in these ventures. The firm provides training in angel investing and entrepreneurship through a NMAN resident program “academy” consisting of 3 modules. Started in 2012 with headquarters in New York, NMAN plans further expansion with 3 regional offices in 2013 and an additional 2 regional offices in 2014 servicing the entire US. NMAN has established a strategic alliance with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition which manages the NYC MBC Operating Center. In addition to founding NMAN, Mr. Reese is the co-founder of the Minority Angel Investors Network (MAIN) in 2005. MAIN served as the model for the launch of NMAN. In his life, Mr. Reese has sought to embody the spirit of entrepreneurism and giving back in a multitude of ways. In 2006, Mr. Reese helped create and launch Temple University’s Black Alumni Alliance an organization that represents over 18,000 alumni. He served as its first president from 2006 to 2008. Throughout his career, Mr. Reese has aided various organizations who seek to teach the discipline of entrepreneurism to young adults and high school kids. In 2008, Mr. Reese created a scholarship for undergraduate minority students who pursue engineering with a focus in entrepreneurism at his alma mater Temple University. Nationally, Mr. Reese has been a guest lecturer and speaker, and has received numerous awards and recognition for his work. Recent accomplishments include serving as a panelist at Black Enterprise 2012 Annual Entrepreneurs Conference in Chicago, a national panelist for The White House Urban Entrepreneurship Forums, a multi-city tour across America in 2011, a guest panelist for Black Enterprise 20/20 Vision Forum in Los Angeles 2011, a guest panelist in 2011 for The America21 Project: A Gathering of Angels in Newark, N.J., and a panelist for National Association of Black Journalist 2011 Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Mr. Reese serves on various boards including Temple University’s College of Engineering, Frontline Pharmaceuticals, Bownce, and Parallel Computers Technology. He is an Adjunct Professor at Temple University’s College of Engineering. When not working, he enjoys being a basketball coach, outdoor sports, and raising his 3 sons with his wife. Mr. Reese holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from Temple University and was a 2000 Fellow at Temple University Fox School of Business and Management.

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