Financial Fitness Contest Enter to Win $2,000

Thank you for choosing to enter Black Enterprise’s Financial Fitness Contest. Your interest in this contest shows that you are well on your way toward achieving financial empowerment for yourself and your family. Before entering this contest, please take a moment to think about your goals and what you’d like your finances to look like in the next few years. How important is saving and investing to you? What have you recently done to improve your finances? How could a financial advisor help your situation? What seems to be slowing you down financially? Are you keeping an accurate account of your expenses? Have you started to pay back your college loans? These problems and many more face millions of Americans daily. The goal of becoming financially fit is the main reason we introduced you to understanding the basic principles and concepts behind the Wealth Building Kit, the Wealth for Life initiative, and now the Financial Fitness Contest.

Make sure you take a little time to give everything one last thought before submitting your application. When you’re done analyzing your situation, fill out all of the information click submit.

As alternatives to this method, download the application page and send it via email to or by postal service to: Black Enterprise Magazine; c/o LaToya Smith; Financial Fitness Contest; 260 Madison Avenue, 11th Floor; New York, NY 10016.


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