17 Responses to You Don’t Say! 10 Unbelievable Myths About Black People

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  2. GNJ says:

    Seriously. It’s 2013 and these stereotypes continue to exist and not even just among those of other cultures or ethnic origins. I feel as if even with the Black man in the White House this country will forever be backward, ignorant and fearful of us.

  3. Many Americans and immigrants tend to be ignorant about African Americans. NOT all African Americans fit into the negative stereotypes that this country has place on us. I’m tired of mainstream media putting out these false images. Out of all the people in America, blacks are portrayed the worst. Why is that?

  4. Lisa says:

    Really….. every statistic is stated as “compared to Caucasians”, employment, weight/health, income, education, marriage(or lack there of), pregnancy, etc.. who makes these issues about race, I hardly think its African Americans, wow, really.

  5. Wasabartender says:

    Don’t just double the tax… They don’t charge tax on alcohol.. If you get 4 $12 martinis and $50 in food = $98 if you double the tax that’s about $9.80 tip. 10% tip is not acceptable for good service. Just add 20% to the pre tax total. 20% x $98 = $19.60.
    Those waiters work very hard for low hourly wages and have to tip out busboys, bartenders and other things on their sales. If you tip 20% they probably only get 10%-15% take home.

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  10. Tyrone Jackson says:

    it dont say nothing and im affended bc im a nigga but i dont see my culture on the telvision screen

  11. Peter Andrews says:

    its 2016 guys quit making fun of me bc i have a small weener

  12. Griffin Clampit says:

    i agree @PeterAndrews just bc the dong aint long that doesnt mean im different and fuck black lives matter

  13. CliffT5 says:

    Why did they leave out the absurd myth that all black men are enormously-endowed and are fantastic, energetic sex machines? I have had white people actually ask me, “Is it true what they say?” Feigning ignorance, I then ask them, ‘Is what true, and what do “they” say?’ “You know.” Well, the answer of course is, no, it’s not true what they say. Male endowment is completely an individual factor. As a gay man who has had many sex partners, I speak from personal knowledge and experience.

  14. Dilbert Quackington says:


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