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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q: I am a stressed out legal secretary. I have a lot of work that must be completed at a fast pace. There is also a great deal of passing the buck with no support to help me. After 11 years in this line of work, I no longer enjoy it and would prefer a different career with a comparable salary ($40K3$50k) and less stress.
–L. Stokes, Philadelphia
A: I’m sorry to tell you, but gone are days where workers enjoy less work4regardless of pay. The present economy just won’t support it. Every industry is tightening its belt, which means workers are increasingly performing more tasks and working longer hours for the same4or in some cases4less money. Unfortunately, more and more of us are feeling more stressed.

What you shouldn’t tolerate is the shirking of responsibility by other co-workers. The “passing of the buck” should be brought to your supervisor’s attention. Don’t suffer in silence. You want to be a team player not a scapegoat.

Your other option is to find a career that really interests you4one you would enjoy, that would make you feel fulfilled. Start charting your course to accomplish that goal. You may want to take a career-assessment test.

The Website reviews free and inexpensive ($20 or under) on-line career assessments. In the meantime, read Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs to be Done: Every Employee’s Guide to Making Work More Rewarding by Bob Nelson (Hyperion, $17.95). and Switching Careers by Robert K. Otterbourg (Kiplinger, $17.95).

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