7 Crowdsourcing Resources to Boost Your Businesses


My Starbucks Idea is Starbucks’ way of crowdsourcing ideas with their partners and customers using…

  • Eric

    We loved what Starbucks was doing so much, we decided to let others do it as well – we created an app for Facebook fan page owners to be able to get “ideas” from their fans.

    Very similar to the way the Starbucks site works – people suggest ideas, they vote, and the organisation shows which ideas they implemented and which ideas inspired the change.

    We’ve created a free version as well, with a wizard – http://www.evly.com/products-ideas.htm (and click on “next steps” and you can install on any Facebook fan page you have admin rights to).

    I’m very keen to hear what any of you think of it? (just leave a msg on the evly Facebook fan page, and i’ll get back to you)