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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q: I worked with a company for three years that was sold to another company. I was fired two months later — -right before Christmas. I was in training for a higher position. Do you think I was let go because I was trying to move up in the company?
–D. Kelly, Santa Ana, California

A: Your company was sold — -not merged. In a merger, both companies can be involved in restructuring the new company. When a company is sold, the purchasing body structures the new management that will run the company. If your company was in financial trouble before the sale, it would’ve been easy to predict that significant staff changes were imminent.

Don’t take it personally. Unless you have cited examples that you were targeted unfairly, you have little recourse. Because of the current economy, companies have laid off millions of workers in recent months, with little notice. Concentrate on the future. You should be eligible for unemployment benefits. While collecting, put a game plan together:

  • Outline your strengths and talents. Then revamp your résumé, emphasizing work-related skills.
  • Make job hunting a full-time job. You should spend several hours a day identifying possibilities, using all resources: old co-workers, professional organizations, and Websites.
  • Target several jobs that match your qualifications. Research the companies for which you have interviews. The better prepared you are, the better you’ll fair.
  • Send a letter not a thank-you note. Be sure to highlight the important points of the interview.

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