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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Even if your shoe fetish draws you to high-priced footwear, you don’t have to break the bank. According to New York-based image consultant Lisa Cunningham, you can get the shoes you love at an affordable price.

Shop on holiday weekends, advises Traci Rozhon, author of the Cheapskate Millionaire’s Guide to Bargain Hunting in the Big Apple (Times Books, $14). That’s when the standard 20% discount is increased to 50% and perhaps 70%.

Also, many high-end retailers have major sales throughout the year. One of the most anticipated sales is at Barneys New York (800-777-0087), whose twice yearly chainwide sale attracts crowds across the country. Designer men’s and women’s shoes are marked 50% off or more-just be sure to get to the store early. Nordstrom (800-695-8000 for the Nordstrom store nearest you), known for its designer shoe department, has its anniversary sale every July when it deeply discounts its footwear. And Saks Fifth Avenue’s (800-322-7257) “After Christmas Sale” features racks of sale shoes.

Designer discount stores can offer savings of as much as 30% to 60% off. Among them: Filene’s Basement (www.filenesbasement.com), T.J. Maxx (800-926-6299) and Loehmann’s (www.loehmanns.com).

Sample sales by designers are another resource. For sample sales nationwide, visit www.styleshop.com. In New York, get the latest sample sales information from Soiffer/Haskin (718-747-1656). Just be aware that many warehouse and sample sales have a cash-and-carry policy and don’t offer returns or exchanges. Also, “[shoe styles] tend to be three to six months behind,” Cunningham points out. For the best fit, shop for shoes in late afternoon or in the early evening. Your feet expand over the course of the day.

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