10 Movie Roles That Weren’t Meant For Black Women


GABRIELLE UNION AS “ALICE CRAMDEN” THE HONEYMOONERS (2005)  Starring Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows as Ralph and Alice Cramden, The Honeymooners may have only aired for one year (1955-56) but the half-hour series is regarded as a television classic. In 2005, Paramount Pictures and CBS, which owns the rights to the sitcom, released a re-envisioned version of the show as a full-length movie, with Cedric the Entertainer and Union playing the lead roles. Despite only grossing $13 million worldwide, the film garnered Union a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Theatrical Film at the 2005 BET Comedy Awards.

GABRIELLE UNION AS “ALICE CRAMDEN” THE HONEYMOONERS (2005) Starring Jackie Gleason and Audrey…

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