10 Reasons White People Think Racism Is Over

Is racism truly over? Speak on it below!

Lupita Nyong’o Won An Oscar

Hollywood is notorious for making people believe that all is right in the world after a big win. Such is the case for actress Lupita Nyong’o. One Huffington Post commenter even went so far that her 2014 Oscar win means that the playing field for powerful roles is leveled now.

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  • Sieben713

    Racism in America is far from being over,it is still thriving

  • BiggDaddy

    {sigh} I am seriously hoping I misinterpreted this article and that it was actually written sarcastically and for humor. If not, this commentary is very near offensive if not downright ignorant, two qualities that are a mainstay of racism.

  • tewdeeq

    They only WANT to think that racism is over with, now they treat you even worse.

  • Trader Gang

    Ever sat on a coach with your kids, parents and grandparents? That’s four generations on one couch. How can racism be over when it was legal just two generations ago?

  • Kim Hoodless

    The fact that “Twerking and Thug” are called Black Culture is a massive insult! We don’t all twerk and we’re not all thugs that’s just rude, disrespectful, racial stereotyping; basically racist!

  • Qman

    do they not see how the president gets treated and the justice system still not fair. oh yeah and they trying to get rid of voting rights

  • America will become less racist (no, a version of it will always exist) as soon as obama is impeached and evicted from the white house. We all expect it, admit it. He is just a huge windbag who started fanning the flames of racism from the 1st moment he realized the power of playing the race card. His administration is quite a setback for all blacks in America. We cannot heal until he is gone.

  • Jamila

    Remember dey know?. Wow really through music. If a small handful of certain folks get to do what privileged people have been doing for years . If the masses get to witness injustices done to certain folkz for years and leaders dont do whats completely necessary to get help.except ..trust me people in unfair situation s try to get help from people set up to do those type of jobs. ..someof those folks still playing willie lynch.or want a woman to do a mans job or want things to continue prison. Industrial. Sometimes things seem really bizarre but iam just thankful anyway for my teachers and a lot of things because things are getting better.

  • Darrell Battles

    I still get followed around certain stores with Obma in office

  • realdeal

    The difference between a successful black person and you guys is that they dont cry racism every chance they get. They work hard to be successful. Quit being babies and make something of yourself or things will never change. Did you reallly think obama would be your savior and strike down the white man? Not going to happen white man will always be there, sorry.

  • Sundiata Bradshaw

    FYI- the real issue is that many of our own people think that racism is over. If we are in denial that it still exists then it’s easy for others to follow suit. Anyone not part of this current generation should know that racism still exists and this current generation needs to have their eyes opened. There is no reason to blame the media- guess what?… there are many Blacks that are part of the media.