10 Things You Can Do to Help the Planet

On Earth Day, take a few small steps to make your world a little more green

make up 23% of the U.S. solid waste stream, according to National Geographic’s Green Guide.

  • Start a Garden
    You can add some green to your landscaping with a new garden. Grow your own organic vegetables and fruit but be sure to use chemical-free seeds. Try Seeds of Change, (www.seedsofchange.com), or The Natural Gardening Co., (www.naturalgardening.com), for truly organic seeds.
  • Cut Down on Driving
    Carpool with co-workers, take public transportation, ride a bike or even walk. If having a car is an absolute must, look into buying a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicles reduce gas emissions and improve mileage, a definite plus with record-breaking gas prices. For more information, visit the Union of Concerned Scientists’ hybrid information center at www.hybridcenter.org.
  • Recycle
    Although not a new idea, recycling is still one of the easiest ways to go green. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only one curbside recycling program existed in the United States 20 years ago, and by 2006, 8,660 programs were in place. And certainly don’t overlook those water bottles: Purchase a reusable water bottle such as those available at www.mysigg.com.
  • Use an Eco-Friendly Bag
    According to the EPA, more than 380 billion plastic bags, wraps, and sacks are used in the U.S. each year. In supermarkets the question is changing from “paper or plastic?” to “Do you have a canvas bag?” Reusable, eco-friendly bags are spotted much more commonly in grocery stores around the country. What’s more, if you’re a small business owner, consider buying custom canvas bags for your customers to reuse. Check out Websites such as www.ecobags.com and www.bagsontherun.com.
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      I agree, Financing starts with me. I was in a round table meeting with some of my peers and that was one of the main topics. 

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      Good practical advice.  I can not expect banks, or even friends to back me if I have not proved that I am taking my business serious from a financial standpoint.   

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      The Peer to Peer loaning information was very interesting. I wasn’t aware of that option for business financing. Definitely worth a look at.

    • As a grant writer for non-profit organizations, the same holds true – how can you ask someone else to invest in your business when you have not done so first?  Great tips!

    • Askmysecretary

      I love considering all the options presented. Also business.gov is worthwhile info

    • I like the non-traditional capital route. Since I am building a record label, I plan on getting funding on a project-by-project basis using 
      http://www.kickstarter.com, a funding platform for creative projects!

    • LaKesha Womack

      Good question… seems like it may be the hours that you have personally invested in the project.  I think that is the way Habitat for Humanity calculates it when qualifying home owners.

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      This was a good lesson. I have already done a few things you suggested, so I’m at least on the right track but still have work to do.

    • excellent tips. i also agree that starting with yourself, is the best source of funding your small business or social cause.

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      Money has always been a block, but you gave many different avenues to look into even with a bad credit rating.  These have be road blocks for me.  Thanks for the lifeline.

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      From experience I’ve learned that peer to peer lending sometimes requires a nice credit score to back up your request. I couldn’t agree moor with starting with you! If your not sacrificing for your dream why should anyone else.

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      I have always been one to fall back on temp agencies, independent contracting or freelancing whenever I have needed funds to survive or extra cash for a particular endeavor. What kinds of ways have others tried when your cash reserves and/or your credit leave a lot to be desired, and bank and personal loans are not an option?

    • http://www.blackenterprise.com/sbu/course/how-to-raise-capital-for-your-business-loans-vs-investments:  Great video guys on Twitter about financing your business venture.  

    • Forleasadon Harper

      This information is a blessing to me. I know that starting with me is key. I waste alot of money nonessential items. That money can now go into the business envelope.

      • I can also go into the envelope and start getting some of the stuff out of my house that I know I will never use.

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      I like this one some great ideas. No family no angel investors.

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    • debt-free is the way to go. we are so quick to try and get a loan, but the best way to start a biz is debt-free so that when we start making money we can keep the profit…great advice and suggestions.

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