5 Things to Think About Before Investing in Art

Isolde Brielmaier is an expert in the world of art and shares her pointers on preparing yourself to invest in more than pretty pictures

(Image: ThinkStock)

Only Buy What You Love

There’s a big difference between a piece that’s worth $400 and $40,000 besides the price, but that can be hard to determine for a novice. That’s why Brielmaier stresses the importance of being knowledgeable about what you’re buying and why. “If you spend a lot of time collecting, it’s really nice if you like the work,” she says. “That’s hard for [people] in business to wrap their head around because they want to know, ‘Well, what’s the return on the dollar here,’ and oftentimes if you’re talking about a blue chip artist like an Andy Warhol, you don’t know, especially with some of these younger contemporary artists.” Brielmaier suggests researching an artist from exhibition history to where he/she went to school before making a purchase. But ultimately, “Go with what you like. It has to have that appeal to you, particularly because it’s going on your wall.”

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