America’s Leading Doctors

From treating heart disease to fighting cancer, these physicians are changing the world of medicine

in Central America to handle complex procedures. -Cliff Hocker

Jenelle E. Foote, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Title: Vice President, Midtown Urology & Midtown Urology Surgical Center
Specialty: Urology
In private practice since 1991, Foote’s research investigates sexual dysfunction in men and women. She frequently speaks to both professional and lay groups about urologic issues. She was named the “Continence Care Champion” in 2002 by the National Association for Continence and the Society of Women in Urology.

Lionel B. Fraser Jr., M.D.
Titles: Urologic Surgeon, Metropolitan Urology; Clinical Instructor of Surgery (Urology), University of Mississippi Medical School; Chief of Surgery, Madison County Medical Center
Specialty: Urology
Fraser is a urologic surgeon whose research interests include benign prostatic disease, prostate cancer, impotence, and incontinence. In 2003, Fraser was named physician of the year by the Mississippi Medical and Surgical Association.

Gerald Hoke, M.D., M.P.H.
Title: Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology, Columbia University; Chief of Urology, Harlem Hospital Center; Urology Attending Physician, New York
Presbyterian Hospital
Specialty: Urology
Hoke has been appointed to several prestigious committees such as the New York State Prostate Cancer Task Force under former Gov. George Pataki, and the American Urological Association’s Practice Parameters and Guidelines Subcommittee. He is also an honorary police surgeon for the New York City Police Department.

Terry Mason, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Title: Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health
Specialty: Urology
Mason emphasizes the body-mind-spirit health connection, advocates better nutrition with regular exercise, and promotes the strengthening of families to achieve healthier communities. A urologist, this nationally known health motivator is on the College of Medicine and School of Public Health faculties at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Curtis Pettaway, M.D.
Title: Professor, Department of Urology, University of Texas M.D. Anderson
Cancer Center
Specialty: Urology
Pettaway specializes in the research and treatment of prostate cancer. He incorporates innovative treatment methods such as robotic surgical procedures.

Brian A. Stone, M.D.
Title: Assistant Professor, Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Urology
Specialties: Urologic Oncology, Neuro-Urology, Female Urology, Erectile Dysfunction
Stone is skilled in radical retropubic prostatectomy, a type of surgery that spares the bladder neck and nerves. Stone is nationally known for his skills in prosthetic surgery. He has inserted hundred of penile prostheses with infection and malfunction rates below the national averages.
Reporting by Carolyn M. Brown, Tracey Brown, Cliff Hocker, Sonya A. Donaldson & Shari Logan

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