Black TV News

Is America ready for a 24-hour black cable news network?

Powell, a former CBS News senior producer who worked on BET Nightly News (both owned by Viacom). “There are people who want to know how what’s going on in the world affects them as a black person. How does it affect the lives of the people in their world, in their neighborhood?” adds Powell, who is currently a producer for the cable outlet Voom HDNews, the nation’s only news channel that broadcasts strictly in hi-definition.

Experts contend that essential for BTNC’s success will be the necessary resources to deliver quality programming. One key resource will be on-air talent. While the company has not released any financial data or possible commentators with regard to its launch, for some perspective on costs, Will J. Wright, the general manager of Voom HDNews, estimates that it can cost approximately $7 million to $8 million annually to produce a quality one-hour news show. With regard to key on-air talent, radio personality Michael Baisden said in an interview this week that he is definitely interested in BTNC.

Powell stresses that the network must secure people experienced in putting together news programming. “General business experience is not enough,” she says. She attributes the failure of BET Nightly News, in part, to those in charge lacking the experience necessary to run a news operation.

In an ever competitive and crowded media and entertainment marketplace where the stakes are always riding high on the launch of any new television channel, for the sake of the black community and the sake of BTNC, we must all hope that the network has what it takes to keep us watching.

George Alexander’s column on the business of entertainment appears weekly at He is the author of “Why We Make Movies” (Random House, $15.95), and ” Queens: Portraits of Black Women and their Fabulous Hair” (Random House, $29.95).

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  • Rev. George Brooks

    A Black Television News channel that is owned and controlled by whites and Jews is NOT needed, and will NOT be accepted by many of us in the black communities across the nation. In fact, though far too late, my organization, family members and followers are planning to protest BET, Centric, and all other non-black media that are running ANYTHING that is focused on the black community, but not totally owned and controlled by black people. We will be picketing this particular station, specifically, and out in front of the residences of Debra Lee and other owners. But, unlike, other black groups that have attempting this, ours will not be a one-day protest, but will continue until changes are made. And we will be calling for a boycott of these channels also, as well as this Black Television News Channel by J.C. Watts. Which, too, is going to be controlled news for blacks. For no Jews or whites have any business having ANY degree of ownership or control of what black people see, say or do. And we intend to bring it to an end. — Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, TN. (615) 494-9056. And we will see you all in Washington in the Spring, 2010.

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