Marc Lamont Hill is New Host of Our World with Black Enterprise

Syndicated series returns October 9 & 10

Hill adds a fresh perspective to this season's program.

Marc Lamont Hill, Ph.D. makes his debut as host of the nationally syndicated television series Our World with Black Enterprise this weekend, October 9 and 10. He brings a fresh and engaging perspective to the show uniquely focused on the contemporary African American experience. Airing in more than 145 markets, the weekly, 30-minute program is a mix of one-on-one All Access interviews with today’s top newsmakers and celebrities, On the Record discussions about the hottest topics affecting African Americans, and Slice of Life profiles of some of the world’s most intriguing people.

A distinguished author, social commentator, and noted “hip-hop generation” intellectual, Marc Lamont Hill has emerged as a leading voice on the nation’s most challenging issues. The Columbia University professor, who holds a Ph.D. with distinction from the University of Pennsylvania, has been lauded for his published work on topics such as hip-hop culture, politics, sexuality, education, and religion. As a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel, Hill demonstrated a willingness to engage in today’s most heated debates and take on the toughest issues. As host of Our World with Black Enterprise, Hill continues to prove that no topic is off limits with a full season of shows that will engage viewers on subjects ranging from the controversial and serious to the entertaining and sensitive.

“Marc brings an exciting new element and point of view to our show,” said Black Enterprise President & CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr.  “He combines the credentials of an academic with the understanding of a new generation of African Americans who came of age in the era of hip-hop, digital technology, and President Obama. His perspective as an educator, journalist, and an outspoken member of our community gives our audience the opportunity to experience a fearless take on the issues that most affect them.”

The season premiere of Our World with Black Enterprise features a one-on-one conversation with Grammy Award-winning entertainer and philanthropist John Legend and a hard-hitting roundtable on the shocking education gap for black youth in urban communities, who are falling behind at an alarming rate. Plus, we profile Chicago-based Kids Off The Block, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to providing at-risk youth with positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, and violence.

Our World with Black Enterprise airs in syndicated markets across the country, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Check local listings for time and station information. The broadcast can also be seen on cable’s TV ONE Sundays at 6:00 a.m. (EST).  Visit for more information about BLACK ENTERPRISE television broadcast and video.

Our World with Black Enterprise is a weekly, half-hour television series that spotlights the contemporary African American experience. Hosted by author, activist, and academic Marc Lamont Hill and co-produced by Chicago-based Central City Productions, the nationally syndicated program features news, entertainment, roundtable discussions, and special interest stories about African Americans from all walks of life. The program debuted in September 2006.

  • C.J. Fletcher

    As a topic, you should discuss the new push for ancestry/DNA pursuits that a large number of Blacks are engaging in “Youtube George Lopez episode with Snoop Dog and Charles Barkley.” Specifically, some of what Dr. Henry Gates is doing. Also, his documentary on “Blacks in Latin America.” as larger issue related Black History in the Americas and the not so well known views on racism in the Caribbean, and Central and South America perhaps have Susan Baca on from Peru.

  • Clarence

    Dear Marc We need more Educated youngmen like yourself. To inform our young men and women, that their lives and black people lives are worth living. young people today need to be recondiction the way that they view Black People. Just think about when it all started Early 70’s. Black people was headed in the right directions, for the first time we was on the same page , and ready to reunite as one.Just before cocaine flooded our streets. And our one and only Super hero Superfly, the cocaine snorting super hero.The cooliest cat riding around in a custom caddy , pimping white women, out smarting putting hits out on dirty unhaned police. The point i am is, this was the start of the down fall of the black women and men. older blackMen who would’nt never ever have a chance with a young Beautiful Black woman for all the money in the world.Had go into the gutter and give this drug cocaine to his once strong blackwomen like her Blackman, who took care of the house and the children, just as the man would have it he was their. This is the really sad part. These women and children really suffered. This once strong women , who use to take care of the house. Wouldn’t even pay the rent, even if it was only $40.00 , on sudvision section 8 programs, sold all of the food stamps, for half price , what they may have been worth. Now Marc just think, these young mothers children are not only begging for their mother emotional support. Guess what these children didn’t even get any food to eat. The only thing these children got, was a slap in the face , and don’t you see that i am busy., and of course Crack Cocaine is in the picture at this point. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worst then this. these women now have a serious addictions 24/7 all day everyday. And how do you support such a addictions when you don’t have money. The oldest perfession in the world , that men think they can’t do without, sex, and these crack cocaine addicted women get pregant.Now this new generation. Which is called the lost generations?And people in our communties wonder why this young youth are so voilent and or respect for human life.The big question is there a link between our young black youth, that was born under the influance of crack cocaine cigarette smoke and alcohol. Question is now how do black people stop this type of destructed lifestyle. First Black people have to stop pointing the finger at the whiteman, and except responsblity, what go’s on in their own home, Next we have to get this on the voting ballet. That if any person gives a unborn fetus any drugs alcohol or cigarettes smoke be charge with a felony for each count. These people ,be serve a life sentence.We all know. it is a felony to harm a defenseless animal. How defenseless can you be then a unborn fetus

    • Anne Bradley

      I believe there is a federal law which exists regarding recklessly endangering the unborn. I just don’t think it is being enforced. You know, there are alot of laws we really don’t enforce..a man who raised 5 kids, with his wife, happily married, loyal worker..was mailed a 46-lb pkg of marijuana at work. He took the package AFTER it was taken in by shipping and receiving, expecting it to be safe – the undercover copy arrested him right after he took the package – not even giving him opportunity to figure out what was in the box or contact authorities himself. He was set up, in my opinion – by police….a man was charged for armed robbery…got 5-10 yrs prison with 3 yrs probation…he escapes from prison…is arraigned…charged 1 yr in prison and unconditional discharge after that…so what happens? His overall prison time was REDUCED and he got no probation!…man murders someone…convicted of murder by trial jury…judge affirms conviction yet as a trick lets defendant appeal and what happens? Defendant’s conviction was vacated by Appellate Court – and the man goes elsewhare and commits crimes. He is in PA with murder charges (murdering a police officer) and robbery charges….AND – the war on drugs? We could stop this if we wanted to, the problem is there are corrupted people who have positions of power that help keep the criminals on the streets because there is something in it for THEM. Most likely, money. It is disgraceful – and we destroy the strengths and merits of our country…and why don’t we show more real stories about good things? We get more with honey than we do with vinegar…If we do not stand united, we will not enjoy this beautiful world which God engraced us to take care of.

  • Elaine Kennedy

    I would like to see a commentator coverage on the development in regards to “twins one black one white” and how they are received and/or treated in America.

  • Anne Bradley

    Hello Dr. Hill,

    This morning I woke up watching just the tail-end of B.E. – Our World. The woman you were speaking to said that MLK didn’t say what he saw when he got to the top of the mountain – and she claimed that when he got to the top what he saw was more racism – and that racism will always exist.

    First of all, racism may always exist with her if she doesn’t stop her stinking-thinking. Black people can be as racist as white – yet no doubt it has been top-heavy because of white people. But we are supposed to emphasize unity – as Americans – and humbly get past the horrors which I do admit scarred this nation. Yet, the core of this nation is what matters. Our core values.

    That lady who spoke, and I am sorry I didn’t catch her name – reflects that she has not studied MLK much – or absorbed what she studied – for the mountain MLK was speaking of came from another speach – I believe the speach was from Martin Luther. He often spoke in figurative terms – using Christ’s parables as a base. Her interpretation of MLK’s mountain speach is without knowing the history behind it. MLK was a highly-intelligent man who was able to reach to all people – yet his intellect supported his messages.

    Respectfully, I say, it left your show with a “sour note” this morning. Her words reflected her vision of the world – yet the glasses she wears need some cleaning.

    I have very long days – weeks – months – fighting corruption in the courts for several years here in this state. I get myself “in trouble” with the statements I make on racism…when I see white people discriminate black people especially. I say it when it happens. I don’t wait to join a rally – or collaborate and build a world of hate – no, we have too much hate now…and people need to exercise their freedom of speech for their own sake. To strengthen their own cores.

    For instance a young man (18 years) shot and killed a very young man (13 years) here in New Haven recently….did someone provoke that 18-yr old to do it? He was on probation…did probation say or do something as they trail his life? Sure, I am worried the 18-yr old was a victim, too. There are “master minds” in this state that just keep the crimes going from use of tactics.

    The person who almost killed Gabby Giffords and did kill and harm others – and the guy who killed several at Virgina Tech – I believe were provoked by “master minds”….The arsens that occur in our beautiful forests are another thing…what provokes someone to cause such harm?

    Look at the attention that Extreme Makeover gets…if they want attention…they can volunteer…if society is more unified to focus on solutions…we as a people would be a real people!

    I am the first one who will remind people that there are more black people in the world than white – and who were first on this planet? Black people were. Yet most significantly, violence begats violence. We solve nothing with it. When I am discouraged, I turned to the words of MLK. My dad cherished MLK. (My father passed away)…this is no time to sit back and complain – to whine – it is time to realize “Yes We Can”.

    I could share the terrible things that have happened to me – the terror I feel almost every day – the fears facing me, Sir…I am doing all I can to assert my rights. I pray the corrupted ones will continue to be held accountable. Truth belongs only to God. Whatever these people are accountable for is not an opportunity for me to puff myself up. I don’t have a college degree – and recently discovered the credits I earned in a two-yr college were not transferrable – but I was candid about the school itself – and the school was later closed. Education is important, but survival in this society can break us when corruption interferes. Justice is meant for me to be relieved that those unjust are finally facing the consequences of their actions – and hopefully I will get compensated for the hell they have put me through.

    One comment regarding the Conrad Murray trial – which I wish they would stop saying “Michael Jackson trial”…Michael Jackson was on trial most of his life!…I think he had autism…a frequent result when a parent is an alcoholic, for instance. Murray should have been charged for murder…cold blooded murder….what a tragic thing to Michael! Disgraceful to our country – he will only get 6 years or less now – that is what people get when they commit perjury in court – he has obvioualy already done that. I hope the Jackson Family can sue him for everything. The smerk he wears reflects his guilt also – reflects how deliberate he was. Any tears he sheds are tears for himself.

    Very truly and respectfully,

    Anne Bradley
    New Haven, CT

    (grew up in Upstate NY)

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