Play Money

So you want to invest in a Broadway production?

fact that given the high price tag of Broadway tickets today–some productions can run at $120–the biggest lesson he learned on Radio Golf is that casting and good marketing are vital. “You need a recognizable name today and you need to demand focused marketing initiatives to the community most likely to support the production,” he says, citing the success of A Raisin in the Sun, with P. Diddy, and the cast of Cat. Pierce further explains that the first month of a commercial play’s life is crucial for winning theater-goers and building momentum. “You need people to come early. You need that critical mass,” he adds.

George Alexander’s column on the business of entertainment appears weekly at He is the author of Why We Make Movies (Doubleday Harlem Moon, $15.95).

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  • Dawn

    does front row productions or stephen byrd have contact information? I have searched every entertainment professional site as well as google and white pages. Nothing on this company comes up. They do not even have a website! This is shaky, shady, just ghetto! If you have any contact information on the company would you mind passing it along? I would appreciate it.

  • Angela

    It’s always so hard hiaerng of someone’s passing on Facebook. I’d known Alice since I was a goofy immature 19-yr-old. She was strong, sassy (like my own mom) and so loyal to Mark and Patrick with what they were creating in Central Florida, first in Bartow, then Lakeland then Orlando. She was loyal to her children and grandchildren and believed so strongly in family. I saw her in July at my mother-in-law’s funeral, her daughter Tracy, wheeling her around in a wheelchair, but even though Alice wasn’t standing .. she was the same. Smartass, funny, couldn’t remember a damn thing and LAUGHING Her son Bobby passed away at such a young age and I find comfort, even though she’s been taken from us, knowing she’s with her boy now and with other theatre family Mark and Rick and, as Patrick reminded me, Peter Menge.