Tyra Banks to Get New Show

Pageant-themed show rumored in the works

garnering the network its highest-rated original show ever.

Banks, who is also slated to produce an unscripted CW series in which contestants compete for an assistant’s spot at a fashion magazine, is without a doubt on a roll. With two hot shows under her belt and two new series in the works, she clearly has her hands on the pulse.

But will her roll to moguldom continue? Is there a risk of overexposure or audience fatigue? Those are the big questions. With Tyra’s brand and indisputable business acumen, she seems poised to continue to navigate her way right to the top of the media universe.

George Alexander’s column on the business of entertainment appears weekly at blackenterprise.com. He is the author of “Why We Make Movies” (Random House, $15.95).

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