Atlanta Jumps Into Smart Growth Movement

BeltLine project to create eco-friendly infrastructure in urban community

told the Atlanta Journal Constitution at the time. While defending the letter, the group’s chairman also told the paper he was encouraged by Montague’s responsiveness.

Patton says that the problem isn’t that Atlantans don’t want the BeltLine. The problem is that everyone wants it in their neighborhood first, and it can’t all be built immediately. “I’ve been impressed by [Terri’s] ability to bridge all these different groups that she has to have come together in agreement,” Patton says.

In October, ground broke in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood on the BeltLine’s first major park. The same month, residents participated in a 5-K run-walk along a new path that connects three parks, a school, and a shopping center in the West End and Westview neighborhoods. Then, in November, the project saw a major victory when Georgians voted to allow school tax revenues to be used for redevelopment projects—a decision that is expected to free up crucial funds for the BeltLine.

“You have to have a lot of drive and perseverance and poise under pressure. It gets honed in the crucible every day,” Montague says. “But Atlanta is a big city of dreams.

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  • L. Barrow

    I believe this would be and will be a wonderful idea for Atlanta; where growth and developement is a success and progress is continual, regardless of the pressures of the city; the people can be open minded to ideas that may an can be beneficial to their city. Patience is a virtue an we will soon see the outcome of Terri Montague redevelopment project for the city of Dreams.
    Atlanta is a beautiful city allowing easier mobility for the residents and the visitors, giving the city high marks.

  • Angela Grimes

    Simply GREAT, Simmply GREAT!

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  • Ron

    What a great example of what “can” be done. I think when it comes to environmental issues African Americans have become disallusioned about how it can impact their own lives. It’s not just a “hobby” but leads to sustainable communities and better lives for all of us.

  • Mark

    Seeing this level of Govenment & NGO backed infrastructure programme only demonstrates the increasing importance of similar projects, not just in the US but Globally. More focused developments, such as this, are required in all maner of cities and towns which have suffered from a lack of funding for many years……..THIS money is well worth spending!