Backtalk with Yolanda Adams

What do you want people to ultimately take away from the tour?
I want them to know that a healthy blood pressure reflects a healthy lifestyle. People come up to us and say, ‘You saved my grandfather’s life’. Those stories hit home because its like, ‘Yes we did our job today.’

In addition to helping people feel good on the inside, you’re making sure they look good on the outside with your new fashion line.
Yes, the Yolanda Adams Collection. It’s for the businesswoman. It’s for the churchwoman. It’s for everyday women of various builds who want to look good going from a boardroom to a brunch. I’m very hands-on with the designers. I told them what kind of collars I wanted, what kind of jackets. And we’re going to do a couture collection later on.

Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from?
My father. He was a coach and history teacher, and he always found ways to supplement his income. I remember him selling water filters to friends and family. When he started working for Amway he was so excited and told me to do what I love. He believed in the Amway products so much that all the products we used in the house were from Amway. The way he conducted his business is the basis for how I live. He taught me how to balance a checkbook when I was no older than 11.

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