BEing Green: Put Your Old PC to Good Use

Ways to properly dispose of your computer

waste if you deliver them personally,” Theodore says.

In addition, many computer manufacturers, electronics retailers, and even office supply stores have take-back recycling programs, where they’ll pick up certain electronic products for free, Holyfield says.

Other manufacturers may charge a fee to take back a computer, but they may also offer credits for future purchases.

If your computer is no longer useful, choose to sell it, recycle responsibly, or give it away. You could be providing technology to needy communities, while also helping the environment.

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  • Could you tell me how you know the local landfills recycle the computers responsibly?
    Lindy Lucas
    (310) 877-1066

  • Melanie

    I have found it difficult to donate or recycle old computers. Can’t find organizations that will accept them. Is there any info on who will accept them?

    • @Melanie, two other places to check for donating aged equipment are community colleges that can use them for training computer technician students or even some day care centers will be happy to take computers that at least can run their simple teaching software for their children.

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