Big Boy: Before & After the Weight Loss


Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander has always been, well, a "big boy." For years the longtime radio personality played up his hefty size, even if it came at the expense of his health. After failed attempts at maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, he eventually went under the knife in a quest to drop the pounds. However, complications from the surgery nearly cost him his life. Big Boy details his personal journey and lifelong struggles with weight in his new book, An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size (Cash Money Content). Now back on the right track, he shares personal before and after photos of his fluctuating weight throughout the years with Afterwards click here to read Big Boy's interview with about how he triumphed over weight loss and gained a second chance at life.

Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander has always been, well, a “big boy.” For years the longtime…

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